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·        To navigate web sites on career exploration and training

·         To increase skills in finding a career

·         To recognize the essential components of assessment

·         To recognize the essential components of assessment


·        To research career specific requirements

·        To learn to navigate career information websites

·        To access financial aid websites

·        To complete a career action plan


There are a number of useful website to help you “get started” in your career exploration.  For an overview of the essential ingredients to successful career planning click on

New Instruction:


Now you have an excellent overview of the process called career planning.  The starting point for most career exploration is to find out where you are, your interests, skills and values.  There are a number of assessment links out there that you can access.   A good place to start is to access the following site: .

A second and very useful resource specifically for those in Montana is the Montana Career Information System found at .  Click here to access steps in using this website.  This system allows you to do a complete career search, including interest testing, finding out about specific careers and searching educational opportunities for training.  This comprehensive system covers the full range of career planning.   Additionally, go to the job search link on the pilot project for specific directions on establishing a portfolio and specific instructions on navigation of the various components of MCIS.  (NOTE:  Those of you outside of Montana will still be able to complete the following activities as they pertain to you and your school.) 


Exploring Careers - Setting Career Goals

What is your focus and where do you want to be in the short- term and the long term?  Think about the steps you need to take to reach your goal.  Career decisions require that you make use of accurate and up-to-date information about occupations.  And remember, goals can change.  They can be reviewed or modified at any time.  The average person is changing careers nearly seven times over a lifetime.  It is never too late to find your path or paths to achieving your dream.  An excellent web site for looking at and setting career goals can be found  by clicking on: .  This website is rich in links to all kinds of help with job search and resources for researching  your career decision.


Furthering your education could be a key issue in seeking the career you desire.  An excellent web site for accessing your interests, skills and opportunities for growth would be found by clicking on: .

Feedback and Review:

To learn more about scholarships and financial aid, go to

Transfer of Knowledge or Skills:

Finding Your Passion

Micro Skills, a component of MCIS, is an excellent assessment tool that allows you to choose skills that match occupations.  Why not find a work environment that allows you to use skills that you enjoy.  This component of the Montana Career Information system is an excellent and fun exercise that can give you insight into the career or career paths that are “right” for you.  After completing the exercise, you may wish to print or list your results as a way of keeping a record of possible careers for later exploration.


 For specific instructions click here to go to  the following link with MCIS and complete the Micro Skills section.

When you have completed “Micro Skills” in the MCIS,  click here to review and summarize the results using this guide.


Now, access the Montana Career Information program (click here), go to the Networking and Job Search and look up file information on the above-named occupations.  You can access detail information about any career listed, including duties, settings, wages, preparation opportunities and the outlook for these occupations in Montana through the year 2012.


Local Resources and Websites:


There are a number of helpful Montana resources for you to visit as excellent sources of career information.   Many have computers available for you to do research on job opportunities and careers.   Among them are the following:

NOTE:  Click here to access more resources specifically for Billings, MT.


A Practical Exercise :  Setting Goals and Planning your Career

NOTE:  Identifying your interests, aptitudes, and goals can be the most important exercise in your career development.  A clear picture of who you are and what you want will increase your ability to make a career decision that will be right for you.  Knowing your destination will help you to reach your short and long-term goals much sooner and more efficiently.


Click here and complete the statements to begin getting a picture of where it is you wish to go and the positive motivation helping you get there. 

Action Plan


In addition to reaching your academic and educational goals, there are also workplace essential skills to think about.  Click here and fill out the worksheet to see where you are now as you navigate the career, decision- making process.  Remember it is a process and not an event.  This worksheet will assist you in your career search process to prioritize other skills you wish to work on,  while attending classes at the Adult Education Center. 

America’s information network is a very helpful source for further investigation and formulation of your career action plan.   Click on .


Seeking Financial Assistance


“Where there is a will, there is a way” to finance your training and career dreams.  Some favorite scholarship and financial aid sites are now being listed for your convenience:


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