Montana Career Information System

Resume Research


You should be logged into the MCIS home page before you begin this exercise.

Your screen will look something like this:




1.     Click Job Search in the Upper left corner of the screen.

2.     Click Step 7 - Create Resumes & Cover Letters

3.     Click Develop a Resume and review the information you need to include in a resume.

4.     Click on Tips for an Effective and Attractive Resume

5.     Read through

What employers look for
Be brief
Things to avoid
Make it attractive
Proofread your resume
Quality paper and printing
Verbs to use
Nouns to use
Adverbs and adjectives to use

6.     Review the descriptions of the different types of resumes.

Accomplishment Resume

Chronological Resume

Creative Resume

Electronic Resume

Functional or Skills Resume

Professional Resume

Combination Resume

Recent Graduate's Resume 

7.     Define each type of resume.

8.     Write an essay describing which type of resume you should develop and why. 


Creating a good resume is a must if you are to effectively obtain an interview.  Résumé’s are created as a tool for selling you:  your skills and abilities to the prospective employer.  You get to choose the facts that you wish to sell to the employer, and for this reason there are many types of résumé’s that you can create.    Another good source for resume writing is:



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