Montana Career Information Systems

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        Use the Montana Career Information System effectively as a tool to assess personal employment traits.

        Access job search websites.

        Increase skills and expertise in finding jobs.

        Recognize the essential factors for job search success.



        Create a portfolio on the Montana Career Information Systems site.

        Complete a job application online.

        Create a current resume.

        Write a cover letter.

        Conduct an informational interview with an employer.



Overview and Introduction to the Job Search Process:


The Montana Career Information System is one of the best sources to help you learn about yourself and decide on a career, choose where you would like to receive your education, and learn about the process of getting a job.   This site allows you to conduct a comprehensive job search and takes you through all the steps for successful job attainment.  There are many tutorials in the system, including help with job applications, resumes, cover letters, networking, interest testing and interviewing skills.  MCIS also allows you to create your personal portfolio on the site, store results from your assessments and searches, and access them again later.


Use the following links to guide your MCIS Job Search Process as you discover the career that is right for you:


1.                Print your Project Check Off Sheet

2.      Sign in to the Montana Career Information System Website and Create Your MCIS Account

3.                Create Your MCIS Portfolio.doc

4.                Login to an Existing MCIS Portfolio

5.                Match your skills to an Occupation.   Micro Skills

6.                Identify your strongest work-related Interests.  ONet Interest Profiler

7.                Occupation Sort

8.                Discover what is important to you in a job.  Work Importance Locator

9.                Networking and Job Search

10.          Resume Research

11.          Create Resume in MCIS Portfolio

12.          The Cover Letter

13.          Job Application

14.          Interviewing for a Job

15.          Interview Follow Up


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