Montana Career Information System (MCIS)

LOGIN to an Existing Portfolio.


1.  The MCIS site can be accessed from home using an Internet connection by way of the Student Assistance Foundation for Montana.  The student assistance foundation provides free access to financial aid sources and helps with planning for higher education.  Click on the link below.  (This will open in a new window so that you can go back and forth to review the steps.)



2.    Click on the black box (MCIS).




4.  Click  


5.     You will enter your Username and Password that you established for your portfolio and click on the  button.  The following window will appear.



You are now leaving the SAFMT website. Are you sure you want to do this?









6.  Click on the Enter MCIS Button!  The following screen will appear.



     7.  Again, you will enter the User Name and Password that you used for your portfolio!


8.     The MCIS Home Page will appear.




Montana Career Information Systems

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