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You should be logged into the MCIS home page before you begin this exercise.

Your screen will look something like this:




          Completing the job application and avoiding mistakes is a very important step in the process of obtaining a job.  Making sure that you complete everything in the application thoroughly and accurately is essential.   A completed application allows you to have a quick reference to past employers, their addresses and phone numbers so that you do not have to spend time looking them up each time you apply for a position.   In order to make a good impression, fill out your application neatly and completely; some employers will look at the completion of the application as an indication of how you will handle the job. 


1.     Click on Job Search.

2.      Click on Step 3 - Collect Information

3.      Read through Tips for Completing Applications

4.      Complete this Job Application using Microsoft Word.  Save it to your disk and print one out to take with you.



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