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Interviewing for a Job:


There are several important considerations that you must adhere to if you wish to be successful in a job interview. First and foremost is to be prepared! Some important tips as you prepare for an interview are:

        Dress appropriately for the job (better overdressed than underdressed)

        Know details about the job for which you made application

        Know about the company where you made application

        Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and your past experiences

        Be prepared to handle common interview questions.


Login to your MCIS portfolio and research Job Interview topics as outlined below:


You should be logged into the MCIS home page before you begin this exercise.

Your screen will look something like this:



1.     Click Job Search in the upper left side of the screen.

2.     Click Step 8 - Prepare and Practice Interviews

3.     Click Prepare for a Job Interview

4.     Study what to do before, during and after the interview. Employers tell us that they expect you to know the job description for the position and to know about the company before you arrive for the interview. A thank you at the end of the interview and a follow-up thank you card are considered proper etiquette for all interviews.

5.     Review the Sample Interview Questions and prepare answers for each question before the scheduled interview.

6.     Click Tips for a Successful Interview. Your first impression should display a professional attitude. Understand that employers use different types of interviews.

7.     Click What Employers Look for in an Applicant. Review the different types of skills and be prepared to demonstrate those skills when answering questions in your interview.

8.     After you have been offered a job, you may ask questions listed under the Job Offers section. Review the questions to ask and write them down so you remember to ask for information that will be helpful in deciding if you will accept the offer.




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