Montana Career Information System

Interview Follow Up


You should be logged into the MCIS home page before you begin this exercise.

Your screen will look something like this:



1.     Click on Job Search.

2.     Click Step 9 - Follow Up

3.     Click Write a Follow-Up Letter

4.     The Sample Follow-Up Letter and Guidelines for a Follow Up Letter will help you develop a thank you that is positive and professional.

5.     Other occasions when you need to write a Follow Up Letter include:  after an Informational Interview, to turn down an offer, when accepting a job offer, to notify employers that you have accepted another position, etc.

6.     Write your follow up letter that highlights your strongest skills needed for the position as well as thanking the employer for the chance to interview for the position.

7.     You may want to review the Print and Community Resources

8.     Other letters are discussed in Additional Job Search Information, such as the letter of resignation, counter offer, and letter of reference.  The termination checklist may also be helpful when you resign from a position.



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