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The Cover Letter


You should be logged into the MCIS home page before you begin this exercise.

Your screen will look something like this:



It is recommended that you send out a cover letter prior to submitting an application.  The purpose of the cover letter is to express interest in a real or prospective job opening and to sell yourself as a candidate for the opening.


1.     Click on Job Search.

2.     Click Step 7 - Create Resumes & Cover Letters.

3.     Click Write a Cover Letter for Your Resume.

4.     Read through the topics listed: 


How to address the letter
Content and format
How to use the cover letter
Sample cover letter

5.     Write a cover letter for a job that appeals to you.

6.     Click Job Search Index in the Upper left corner to return to the clusters.

7.     Click  Home to return to your portfolio home page.


          Click on to see a sample of a good cover letter and other information about content and format.



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