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Throughout the year, Montana ABLE students and programs are frequently highlighted at the local

and state level.  MTLINCS is a great place to share your student and program success stories!


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Date Program Topic Link to Highlight
5/18/11   Graduation Billings Gazette: 

KTVQ:  Kyrgyzstan native, U.S. military wife receives GED

4/14/11   Funding Ravalli Republic:

3/4/11   Funding Billings Gazette:
  • Budget committee takes up Montana's public education

  • GOP unveils K-12 school funding plan


3/3/11 Dickinson Lifelong Learning

Proposed budget could end adult ed program used by laid-off Smurfit workers


2/11 Great Falls ABLE

Adult Ed Program Flourishing


Great Falls Tribune

Gazette opinion: Put priority on funding quality public schools

Billings Gazette


Adult Education Students:  Walk in Our Shoes
2/17/11 Billings Adult Education Adult Education Funding KTVQ Report:  Adult education faces possible funding cut
12/16/10 Literacy Bitterroot A New Beginning Ravalli Republic:  A new beginning: SAFE and Literacy Bitterroot help abuse victim move on

"I can't wait to get (where I'm going) and start my life," she said. "This year, my Christmas presents didn't come with ribbons and bows, it came from Literacy Bitterroot and SAFE."

6/10/10 Bozeman Adult Learning Center Graduation Bozeman Daily Chronicle:  Bozeman GED graduation celebrates students who seized a second chance

5/19/10 Billings Adult Education Graduation Billings Gazette:  GEDs Become Key to Finding Success

KULR8:  Graduation Dream

3/10 Billings and Bozeman Content Standards Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Billings Gazette:

(Posted at end of article)

1/10 Billings New Beginnings Billings Gazette:  New Beginnings: Years in war yield to pursuit of dream

Billings Gazette:  New Beginnings: Working Toward a Fresh Future

11/09 Literacy Bitterroot GED Graduates Persevere Ravalli Republic:

Sarah Hauf knows there is no easy way to hold down a job, care for a baby and finish a high school-equivalency program.

5/09 Billings plus statewide Post-secondary Training Billings Gazette:  Gazette Opinion: Class of 2009 will need higher ed to succeed

The auditorium at Lincoln Education Center was nearly full with parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses and children ...

5/09 Billings Adult Education Graduation Billings Gazette:  Determined mom works toward degree

KTVQ:  Billings Students Graduate

KULR:  Adult Education Students Graduate


3/09 Literacy Bitterroot GED Graduation Day Ravalli Republic:


2/09 Billings Adult Education Center at COT 'Adult Ed West' showcased at COT Billings Gazette:
12/08 Billings Adult Education Center New mom among COT's first class of RN grads

Laura's Calling

Billings Gazette:


KULR 8 video:

6/08 Hardin Adult Education Program expands availability of GED Billings Gazette:
5/08 Billings Adult Education Center At any age, they're graduates Billings Gazette: