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Greetings from Montana LINCS!


Introducing MT LINCS:

Another "LINC" in Montana Professional Development





Many of you have been receiving MT LINCS updates for the past few years, and, yes, many of you have been using MT LINCS as a resource.  This year MT LINCS will not only continue to update you on national, regional, and local events but will also provide another “LINC” for MT ABLE Professional Development.  MT LINCS is pleased to announce an online follow-up to the June 2007 Reading is the Bridge conference held at Fairmont Hot Springs!


Evaluation of Reading is the Bridge


What you liked?

·        Research-based information

·        Sharing of strategies and materials

·        Enthusiasm and passion of colleagues


What you wanted?

·        More time to read materials, discuss information, and practice strategies

·        More breaks =)

·        More control of the temperature =)




MT LINCS can provide just what you wanted!  It can be a place for you to share your reactions to materials and strategies.  Yes, you can access MT LINCS at your convenience in a personally-controlled environment.  With a click of the mouse or a flick of the thermostat, you are in charge!!!


Welcome to the next phase of Reading is the Bridge!


What is it?


Go to .  Click on the Calendar to see upcoming topics.  The Discussions link will be where emails from all of you are posted for discussion purposes.  The Resources link will provide you with resources for research-based instruction.  Finally, the Archives will provide links to past discussions.


This is a work in progress, so if necessary, other links may be added, or the format may be modified.  However, this is the beginning of what many of you have requested.  Maybe you didn’t get the opportunity to participate in Reading is the Bridge.  Maybe you consider yourself more a content teacher than a reading teacher.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate.  You all have great teaching/management ideas.  Please take some time to share them with your colleagues.   So hop on board, take control, and enjoy the ride!  

Posting 1


  • What is one strategy or material shown at the Reading is the Bridge conference that you have tried? 
  • Would you use it again? 
  • How would you modify it?




Email your thoughts in the following manner:


Subject:   MT LINCS RB Posting 1


In this manner, you can access your colleagues’ ideas at your convenience without the hassle of tons of email.  Yes, I am willing to get tons of email from you because I just know that you will all want to participate.  I’ll check my SPAM folder if you all will check yours!


And we’re off!  NP =)



P.S.  If you no longer wish to receive this mailing, please let me know!  Thanks!


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