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Remember - we are going to continue the Reading Connections this month.  So in case you didn't get a chance to look back at the April Discussion, check out the discussion at ! 
There have also been a few new posts for May at


Margaret Bowles has informed us that Lt. Governor Bohlinger has expressed a strong interest in providing the keynote address at our summer conference in Polson in June!!!
This is a perfect opportunity for us to advocate for Adult Education and to demonstrate to the Governor's Office that we are successfully serving adult learners and are an economic anchor in our communities as we help adults complete their GED and assist them in preparing to enter post-secondary training.  However, in order to do this, we need a strong showing at the conference in June.  We need everyone who possibly can to attend this conference, build a network of professional relationships with others in the state, and share best practices while demonstrating our passion for and commitment to our profession. 
PLEASE email Suzette at right now to let her know if you are coming to Polson in June.  We need to know who will be represented and how many of you plan to attend.  
PLEASE call a friend or colleague serving in adult education right now and encourage them to ride with you and/or room with you.  Have them email Suzette as well!
Join your fellow Adult Educators in Polson in June for our annual MAACE conference and training!  We'll see you there!!
Don't forget to email Suzette!!!


The annual MEA-MFT Educator's conference will be held in Missoula October 16 & 17, 2008. 
MAACE will once again maintain a presence for professional educators who wish to attend this conference and MEA-MFT has agreed to allow our members to register as members for this conference. 
We will once again share a hospitality room and resources with the Math group.  Rose Steiner and Kathie Daviau have once again been instrumental in scheduling sectionals and setting up this opportunity for MAACE.  Thank you Kathie and Rose!!!
Each presenter for the MEA-MFT conference in October is paid $30.00 and we need sectionals to help defray the cost of our presence.  If you will be attending the MEA-MFT Educator's Conference in Missoula in October, a presenter's stipend would help with gas money!!  Please sign up to share your best practices with other educators by clicking on the following link and signing up for one or more sectionals THIS WEEK!!!


Click here for information about MPAEA conference that was held the end of April.


Dear Colleagues,
Please scroll down to see the facilitated online courses coming up this spring on, a new portal for online professional development brought to you by ProLiteracy Worldwide and World Education.

Please share the following information with those who you think may be interested. Thanks!
New Courses Go Online in May and June!
Young Adult Education: Program Design (May 5 - 23, registration now open)

    Topic Area: Serving Young Adults
    In this course, you will think about the benefits and challenges younger learners present for your program. You'll consider how high quality programs adapt to incorporate a younger population, and you'll plan steps to move your program forward.

Managing the Multilevel ESL Classroom (May 12 - June 13, registration now open)

    Topic Area: ESL Instruction
    Using a virtual multilevel ESL classroom as a backdrop, the course leads you through practical strategies for understanding your students' unique needs and managing you own classroom. You'll have ample opportunities to apply the strategies, share ideas with a course partner, and solidify your learning. When you complete the course, you'll have a firm grasp of assessment, lesson planning, materials selection, and structure for the multilevel ESL classroom.

NEW COURSE! Using Cultural Artifacts fo Teach ESL (June 9 - June 20, registration now open)

    Topic Area: ESL Instruction
    Proverbs, folk tales, music, clothing and visual arts - adult English language learners bring cultural knowledge and resources of all kinds to the classroom. Learn how you can tap into this wealth of material to support their learning. This course begins with a look into the complex idea of "culture" and ends with you developing lesson plans that encourage students to explore, discuss, and create cultural artifacts to support literacy and language learning.

NEW COURSE! Fundamentals of Assessment (June 2 - 16, registration opens Monday, April 14)

    Topic Area: Student Assessment
    Standardized assessments are used everywhere in modern life, but few people really know how they are put together, how they should best be used, and what underlying principles govern their design. This course, the first in a cluster of assessment-related courses, is a layperson's guide to concepts such as reliability, validity, bias, and standard error of measurement. A basic knowledge of these concepts will not only equip you to better understand and deal with standardized assessments, but also help you as a teacher to develop better in-class assessments.

NEW COURSE!  Assessments Developed by Teachers and Students (June 16 - July 18 registration opens Monday, April 14)

    Topic Area: Student Assessment
    This course takes all the knowledge you've gained in the Fundamentals of Assessment course and helps you apply it to your classroom.  By course's end, you will have expanded your assessment repertoire to include various tools to check day-to-day student progress, "push" your assessments beyond simple quizzes to more dynamic forms, and even involve your students more directly in assessment design. 

Registration Information
To register please go to, look for the appropriate topic area, then click on a course title to review the description and registration process. These courses will be processed by ProLiteracy/New Readers Press.

Questions? Please contact us at 315-422-9121 ext. 283, or e-mail
REMEMBER - ProLiteracy America members receive a 15% discount on all professional development courses! For more information, visit

Jane Greiner
Professional Development Coordinator
1320 Jamesville Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210
So much to talk about,


Discussion begins June 9!  Stay tuned for more information.
The Institute of Education Sciences will host a series of webinars to
present research funding opportunities at the National Center for
Special Education Research and the National Center for Education

For more information regarding webinar topics, dates, and registration
process, please visit .
On the Learning Disabilities discussion list this past week there has been a fascinating discussion initiated by Glenn Young. He has proposed that it is time to focus on helping adults with learning disabilities learn to read using technology. By this he means having computers and hand-held devices read text out loud, with new readers focusing on their getting meaning, not on learning how to decode text. The archives of this discussion will be found at 


Assisting adult English language learners (or second language learners in general) to increase their reading proficiency is one of the perennial issues on this list and others.  We will be focusing on this topic specifically from May 12-16, 2008 when Heide Wrigley and a cadre of Texas practitioners will share information, challenges, and outcomes of a professional development and classroom project they have been working on during the last year. See the bottom of this announcement for bios of Heide and the teacher working group.

Thank you,

Lynda Terrill
List moderator, NIFL EnglishLanguage Discussion List 

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