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May has continued to be a busy time for Montana ABLER's.  Many programs are celebrating with graduation ceremonies.  Thanks to hard-working ABLE professionals, students are continuing their journey in education:
In fact, this has been a learning year for everyone in ABLE from OPI to MAACE to local programs.  Connections is not just a theme in reading; it's a theme for successful interactions and growth.  Working as a team has never been more evident than now.  We tell our students that teamwork is an important skill for the workplace, so let's continue to model for them how it can work.  May Montana ABLE continue to grow and become recognized for its professional value.  Onward and upward!   


As always, all you have to do to review is look at the chart at the beginning of the Discussion page at (or below) and just click on an item of interest.   The link will take you directly to that part of the discussion.  Remember -- the chart is fluid, so it changes with additional postings.  See May below.


 Reading Connections Continued:  May

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MPAEA 2009

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Nevada Connections

Oregon Content-based Lessons

Reading Connection to Content Materials

Writing Team

Counting Dropouts

MT LINCS Statistics Comparison of 10/07 to 4/08

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Brain and Learning to Read Depends on Language


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Reading and Using Technology

Reading in the Workplace



Summary and Evaluation

The seed for MT LINCS was first planted in 2000 as a part of Northwest LINCS.  The goal was to provide a vehicle of communication for Montana ABE.  Throughout the years, that communication has come in several forms for the state, professional organizations, staff, and students.  It can not be done without participation of all entities.  Yep, the connections must continue! 
MT LINCS will continue to send out brief informational updates throughout the summer.  In the meantime, you may want to think about what things MT LINCS may be able to do for you. 
Simply put -
  1. What has been valuable for you from MT LINCS?
  2. What connections do you need? 
Reply to this email with your thoughts and ideas.  Honesty is highly valued!

Montana ABLE Content Standards - Deadline May 30!  Click here and check out an update on MT LINCS! 


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