Montana RIB Update



MT LINCS thinks it is about time for a true/false quiz, don't you?
  • Did you think you weren't going to receive an email this week? 
  • Did you notice that last week MT LINCS had sent the email under an April heading instead of May? 
  • Do you think MT LINCS is confused and ready for a break?
If you answered "true" to all of the above, you win and get to take some time off!
But first a message from your sponsor!
Here is an exciting professional opportunity just waiting for you - an opportunity for Montana ABLE colleagues to work together as a team to develop Content Standards for Montana ABLE!  What?  You haven't heard about it?  You missed reading the email that went out?
Apply now!  Let your ideas be heard! 
Click here for more information about the Content Standards and access to the application form.  The application process is veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrry easy.  Yes, you can complete the application even if you are tired!  =)
Montana ABLE needs you! 
Coming this June on a computer near you!
Implementing Adult Literacy Education Content Standards
Special Topics Discussion List
Stay tuned for more information!

MT LINCS RIB Discussion
Many of you are beginning to tie up some loose ends for your students, and maybe you haven't had a chance to participate/read some of the postings on the ELL Discussion List.  Click here to take a look at MT LINCS Discussion to see a few of the highlights. 

P.S.  If you no longer wish to receive this mailing, please let me know!  Thanks!

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