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April has several interesting posts from your Montana colleagues.  Thanks to all of them for sharing ideas, material lists, and websites!  If you haven't had a chance to look at the powerful video from Headstrong or share it with others, check it out!  As usual, MT LINCS is always ready to post more ideas.  Send away! 


As always, all you have to do to review is look at the chart at the beginning of the Discussion page at (or below) and just click on an item of interest.   The link will take you directly to that part of the discussion.  Remember -- the chart is fluid, so it changes with additional postings.  See April below.


 Reading Connections:  April

Activities Immigration Material Request Research Visual/Auditory Learning Websites

Activities in Great Falls

Understanding Purpose


Civics and Citizen Toolkit

Material List from Missoula ABE Program

More Book Lists:  Picture Books



Story Structure

The Joy of Reading




Ferlazzo's Best Websites

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The Hidden World of Dyslexia




Continuation of Reading Connections

Tired of being bombarded by information?  Yes, in today's world, there is a lot information (sometimes too much) for all of us to access.  However, remember as a way to sustain Reading is the Bridge, this year MT LINCS has been trying to bring you snippets of the current reading research.  Of course, that can take us in many directions.  Thanks to all of you, we have found many connections to reading.  And we are not done!
So much to talk about,
So little time,
During the month of May,
Reading Connections will continue on! 
Last week eleven Montanans were able to attend the annual MPAEA conference in Salt Lake City.  What a truly professional event it was!  Each of us came away from the conference with several nuggets of information.  Some were new; some were review.  But first - DRUM ROLL PLEASE!
Detlef received the MPAEA Award of Excellence for Montana! 
Congrats to you, Detlef!  And thanks for your hard work as treasurer of MPAEA!
Research from MPAEA
ABE Moves to Higher Ed:  Did you know this?
Troy Justesen, Assistant Secretary of Vocational and Adult Education at the Department of Education, reminded MPAEA participants that there has been a "paradigm shift" and that in federal policy, Adult Education is now higher education.  Yes, the GED is now considered post-secondary!  He said that this was partly done so that ABE would have more a feeling of self-worth and inclusion. 
Open-entry Versus Fixed Entry Develops Community 
Robyn Rennick, President of National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN), reminded participants that open-entry programs may want to consider changing to fixed entry points so that students can develop a sense of community and feel less isolated.  She encouraged adult ed professionals to ask the following question: 
How is the setup, activity, and my behavior providing an environment of success and community?


As usual, MT LINCS has more questions than answers.

  1. If ABE is now a part of higher ed, what does this mean to all of you? 
  2. How do you create a sense of community with your students? 
  3. And for those of you who attended MPAEA, what nuggets of information do you have to share with your Montana colleagues?

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