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March has continued to be a busy month.  Have you had a chance to look at the new postings on the Resource list at  There are some great reading comprehension strategies that have been posted during the month of March along with some math information to get you ready for the MAACE Summer Conference!  As usual, MT LINCS is always ready to post more.  Send away! 


As always, all you have to do to review is look at the chart at the beginning of the Discussion page at (or below) and just click on an item of interest.   The link will take you directly to that part of the discussion.  Remember -- the chart is fluid, so it changes with additional postings.  See the March sample below.


 Reading Comprehension:  March

Material Request Content Areas Research Strategies/Worksheets Websites

Call for Book Titles

Response to Request


Reading for a Purpose

Math and Comprehension


Research Articles

  • How Should We Teach Comprehension

  • How Should Adult ESL Reading Instruction Differ from ABE Reading Instruction

What Does It Feel Like to Have a Reading Problem

Reading Comprehension Strategies


Reading Comprehension Websites I

  • Adolescent Literacy (Grades 4-12)

  • Awesome Stories

  • Nonfiction Passages

Reading Comprehension Websites II

  • Skillswise

  • Thinkfinity

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Best Practices and the Reading Connection

Most Montana ABLE practitioners have been exposed to implementing best practices in their programs.  Therefore, April's focus will be an extension of the good ideas you have all sent throughout the year.  Let's see how these ideas carry over into other areas.

Trend 27

Staff with more experience or training may have a better chance at improving reading comprehension achievement.  (Brooks, Davies, Ducke, Hutchison, Kenda, & Wilkin, 2001:  Girzgerald & Young 1997)
Research-Based Principles for Adult Basic Education Reading Instruction (Krudenier, 2002, p.93) 


Did you know that April is not only National Poetry Month but also the month for National Environmental Education Week?  So MT LINCS just couldn't pass up this opportunity to see a connection and recognize both. 


Reading, writing, science,

Social studies, and math,

They are all connected

On earth's environmental path.


We want the earth to be green,

Sky and oceans to be blue,

Yes, you guessed right,

MT LINCS also wants you!


The earth goes round and round,

Most people really do care,

Don't you think it is time

For you to share?


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