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1.  MT LINCS RIB Update

Your Montana colleagues are still wanting to know what kinds of materials you use in your program.  Plus they would also like to hear what recommendations you have for recreational reading for your students.  Help them out!  Click here and send your ideas to MT LINCS!

1.    Discussions

Go to and click on Discussions. 

Once there, you will see a chart with the topics that have been sent in for this month.  Look at the Request for Resources.  (Some responses have already been posted!)  Do you have any more to add?

2.    Comprehension Strategies

Click here to check out two new comprehension strategy postings on RIB Resources.

  • Coding
  • KWL
  • Pre-reading 


2.  MAACE Summer Conference

Click below for information about the following items:

3.  MPAEA Conference 2008

Click here for more information.


4.  Math Rules!!!

Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel

To compete in the 21st century global economy, knowledge of and proficiency in mathematics is critical. Today's high school graduates need to have solid mathematics skills-whether they are headed for college or the workforce. To help ensure our nation's future competitiveness and economic viability, President George W. Bush created the National Mathematics Advisory Panel (National Math Panel) in April 2006.


The panel was charged with providing recommendations to the President and U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings on the best use of scientifically based research to advance the teaching and learning of mathematics. Expert panelists, including a number of leading mathematicians, cognitive psychologists, and educators, reviewed numerous research studies before preparing a final report containing guidance on how to improve mathematics achievement for all students in the United States.


The National Math Panel's final report, issued on March 13, 2008, contains 45 findings and recommendations on numerous topics including instructional practices, materials, professional development, and assessments. Go to for the final report.  Please visit for the executive summary.


Fact Sheet

Go to for the fact sheet.

Math Panel:  Streamline Curriculum, Focus on Fractions

Go to;_hbguid=fac4dbee-fd4c-4953-89fd-c9c6baf5088f&d=top-news for the article on eSchool News.

The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement:  Webcast on Making Algebra Work

Check out the website at for the webcast on Making Algebra Work: Instructional Strategies that Deepen Student Understanding.

5.  Spelling Website:  Free!

Go to

6.  Ed Pub Website

Needing some free educational publications on literacy, reading, or math?  Take a look at the newly revised Ed Pubs website at .

7.  Immigration Resource

Check out 

Once you access the website, look for the section Education and Resources. On the side is a list of resources. 


Of key interest are two sites:

  • Resources for New Immigrants
    • Under the section on Resources for New Immigrants is a document entitled, "Welcome to the United States:  A Guide for New Immigrants." This document includes general information on adult education and learning English, as well as information on K-12 education and higher education.  This section of the website also provides links to the website of service providers such as ProLiteracy and America's Literacy Directory where individuals can locate literacy programs.
  • Resources for Adult Educators
    • The section on Resources for Adult Educators includes a variety of resources to assist you in helping immigrants, including, U.S. Civics and Citizenship Online: Resource Center for Instructors.  This is a web-based application that provides teachers and volunteers a single source for locating resources to incorporate civics into ESL instruction and prepare adults for naturalization.

8.  Center for Applied Linguistics Resources

Go to for new materials for practitioners and professional developers working with adult English Language Learners. 

9.  Corrections Discussion:  Transition from Corrections to Community Education 

The Corrections Discussion on Transition from Corrections to Community Education can be found at or .


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