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Have you had a chance to look at the vocabulary resources that have been posted during the month of January?  There are some good things there, but MT LINCS is always ready to post more.  Send away! 
Vocabulary seems to be one area that many people are wanting to work on but unsure just where to begin.  Since there still is not much specific research out there on vocabulary and the ABE student, trends are suggested based upon the National Reading Panel's (NRP) recommendations. 
The NRP identified five main methods for teaching vocabulary (NRP, 2000b, p. 4-3) 
  1. Explict Instruction:  Students are given definitions or other attributes of words to be learned.
  2. Implicit Instruction:  Students are exposed to words or given opportunities to do a great deal of reading.
  3. Multimedia Methods:  Vocabulary is taught by going beyond text to include other media such as graphic representations, hypertext, or American Sign Language that uses a haptic (touch) medium.
  4. Capacity Methods:  Practice is emphasized to increase capacity through making reading automatic.
  5. Association Methods:  Learners are encouraged to draw connections between what they do know and words they encounter that they do not know.
Research-Based Principles for Adult Basic Education Reading Instruction (Krudenier, 2002, p.67)

Bottomline, it appears that we just need to get our students to read, read, and read! =)  Of course, this is very interesting in light of the National Endowment for the Arts research report, To Read or Not to Read:  A Question of National Consequence, .

The story the data tell is simple, consistent, and alarming. Although there has been

measurable progress in recent years in reading ability at the elementary school level,

all progress appears to halt as children enter their teenage years.  There is a general

decline in reading among teenage and adult Americans.  Most alarming, both reading

ability and the habit of regular reading have greatly declined among college graduates.

These negative trends have more than literary importance. As this report makes clear,

the declines have demonstrable social, economic, cultural, and civic implications.

To Read or Not to Read:  A Question of National Consequence 



As always, all you have to do to review is look at the chart and just click on an item of interest.   The link will take you directly to that part of the discussion.  Remember -- the chart is fluid, so it changes with additional postings.  See theJanuary sample below.

Vocabulary:  January

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Reading Comprehension

Comprehension will be the reading focus for February.  But as usual before we do that, once again take a look January's postings to see if you have anything to add or share with your colleagues.  There have been some requests for materials.  Please let us know if you have anything to recommend for vocabulary development.


You may also want to review what has been discussed in the past.  Go to the MT RIB Homepage at and click on Archives to review past postings, or go to the MT RIB Discussions page at to take a look at the January posts.



We will soon be getting into an area that many people have been wanting.  This will be a time when we need to continue to share resources and strategies.  Comprehension problems definitely surface in the content areas, and everyone is always looking for some good content materials. 


February - the month of love! 


B. F. Skinner said, "We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach the love of reading." 


Do you love to read?  Have you read any good books lately?  Have you been sharing your love of reading or your love of learning with your students?  Try it!  It has fewer calories than chocolate, and it, too, is good for the heart!


Love it and read it!

Montana ABLE's Staff Lounge would LOVE to hear from you!



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