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Thanks to a Montana ABLE friend for recommending the movie, Across the Universe.  It was a great reminder that the ABLE community needs to come together right now and share with one another.  So how about it, folks, what thoughts, strategies, or questions do you have to share with your state ABLE family? 

Do it today - not yesterday!




Last week Montana OPI provided ABLE staff with BEST+ training.  At that training several resources were shared.  Go to MT LINCS RIB Discussion to review the information along with seeing new information shared by your Montana colleagues.


And for those of you who are working with ESOL students, a discussion will be taking place on the Focus on Basics Discussion List from February 18 - 22.

Guest Discussion: Addressing Potential Impediments to Learning with ESOL Students February 18-22, 2008 On the Focus on Basics Discussion List: To subscribe or view the archives, please go to:


We will discuss the following article with Robin, the author:


Addressing Potential Impediments to Learning with ESOL Students


Note: Issue 8D is available only in PDF format. You can find this article on page 20.


Adult ESOL students who are not achieving the expected progress are often assumed to have learning disabilities. While this may indeed be the case, there are several other issues that can impede their ability to learn. This article discusses several of these issues and offers strategies to assess them and address them.


To prepare, read the following article from FOB 8A, and think about the Discussion Questions listed below:


Taking a Closer Look at Struggling ESOL Learners by Robin L. Schwarz


Discussion questions


1. What are some of the problems of learners in your program who have not made progress?

2. Do you think the factors discussed in the article could explain some struggles you've noticed in your learners?

3. How have you discovered, and then addressed the issues?

4. How can a program develop a coherent system to identify these issues?

5. What kind of professional development do practitioners need in order to address these problems?


Julie McKinney

Discussion List Moderator

World Education/NCSALL

Family Literacy Discussion List Highlights

During the past two weeks on the Family Literacy Discussion List, there had been an interesting discussion on reading comprehension hosted by Susan McShane, author of Applying Research in Reading Instruction for Adults:  First Steps for Teachers.  Go to MT LINCS RIB Discussion to take a look at some of the highlights.


Check out the reading comprehension strategies and websites that have just been posted on MT LINCS at :

  • Cloze Techniques
  • DRTA
  • Cognitive Strategies website
  • Social Studies reading website
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