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Greetings from Montana LINCS!


Happy Holidays!

Well, here it is - the MT LINCS Holiday Email!


What?  You thought there would not be another email since it is the holiday season.  Fear not!  There is much more on the Montana ABLE RIB front to tell you and much, much more on the national front.


But first, how are all of you doing during this fun-filled, stressful time of year? 

  • How many reindeer have you hit while driving to your local shopping area? 
  • How many cookies have you hidden under the napkin that has carrots and celery on top? 
  • And most of all, how many times have you thought you should apologize to the driver behind you who had just a short time earlier been in front of you?  

If you can answer "NONE!" to any of these, then you are keeping your sanity during this wonderful time of year.  If, on the other hand, you are experiencing some stress in your life right now, then remember that there are many things you can do to alleviate that stress.  Smiling, laughing, praying, and generally remembering why you do the job you do - all are ways to lighten the spirit.  More importantly, though, during this time of giving, give yourself the gift of time.  Take time to reflect on the good job that you do.  Take time to see the successes you have provided for your students.  And take time to enjoy your colleagues and family.  

May you all have a blessed holiday season! 



1.  MT LINCS RIB Update


Check out what questions/ideas your Montana colleagues are submitting to MT RIB.  Suggested resources and teaching strategies for fluency have been given.   Also scroll through the Archives to see what you may have missed!  Good thoughts are still coming from Montanans!  Please send more!


Go to and click on Discussions.  Then click on the item in the chart on which you would like more information.


2.   MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  JANUARY 11, 2008 at 11:30 AM

Webcast for Reading Assessment Part 2:

Specific Instructional Strategies for Fluency and Vocabulary


Exciting news!  There will be a webcast for Part 2 of the Reading Assessment.


WHEN: Friday, January 11, 2008

TIME:     1:30 PM - 2:45 PM Eastern Time
                12:30 PM - 1:45 PM Central Time
                11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Mountain Time
                10:30 AM - 11:45 AM Pacific Time

Please join us on Friday, January 11, 2008 for Part 2 of "From Assessment to Practice: Research-Based Approaches to Teaching Reading to Adults" webcast.  This follow-up webcast will focus on specific instructional strategies for two other components of reading, fluency and vocabulary. The presenters will show how all four components provide a natural framework for assessing adult
students' reading ability, and how assessment results can lead seamlessly to a program of instruction to improve students' reading.

For more information, please go to:

(Registration will be available by January 3, 2008.)

This seventy-minute webcast is a part two for the webcast presented on
September 28, 2007: From Assessment to Practice-Research-Based Approaches to Teaching Reading  to Adults
<>. The main purpose of the first webcast was to present a compelling rationale for the use of research-based principles for adult reading instruction. The presenters used two components of reading, word analysis and comprehension, as examples to illustrate research-based practices, focusing on specific instructional strategies derived from the research.

For more information, please contact or call 202-233-2025 or visit us online at:

Jo Maralit


3.  Focus on Basics on Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities is the topic of a new issue of "Focus on Basics", now available at .  Click on "Focus on Basics" near the top of the right column on the homepage).

Articles range from neurology and dyslexia to legal issues related to serving students with learning disabilities, to best practices shared by skilled teachers, to three states' approaches to serving students with learning disabilities, to addressing the needs of ESOL learners, to technology, to transitions to college, to changing practice at the program and classroom level: there's something for everyone. 

Read on!
Barb Garner, Editor

4.  CAAL Releases New Commission Papers

NEWS RELEASE (December 14, NYC) -- Two new papers prepared for the National Commission on Adult Literacy were released today by the Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy:

THE FISCAL CONSEQUENCES OF ADULT EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT (66 pages) was prepared for the Commissionís December 4th meeting by a team of researchers from the Center for Labor Management Studies of Northeastern University, under the leadership of Commissioner Andrew Sum. The report studies the earnings of adults according to their level of education achievement in terms of the impact those earnings have on the fiscal affairs of the states and the lives of individuals. Appendix E of the report gives estimates of annual net fiscal contributions of adults by education attainment level for the 13 largest states. The report findings have major implications for the purposes and conduct of the nationís adult education and literacy enterprise at all levels of service. The report should also be of high interest to state and federal polilcymakers and planners, as well as the business community.
CHALLENGES IN ASSESSING FOR POSTSECONDARY READINESS (26 pages) was also prepared for the Commission's December 4th meeting. This Policy Brief was written by Daryl F. Mellard and Gretchen Anderson of the Division of Adult Studies, Center for Research on Learning, University of Kansas. It examines the major assessments in use today to measure adult learning gains and determine student placements Ė e.g., BEST, CASAS, TABE, COMPASS, ASSET, and ACCUPLACER in terms of their uses and how they well they align with postsecondary education entry requirements. Special attention is given to the GED. The authors identify several problems and challenges as well as recommendations to resolve them.

 The two papers are available in PDF from the Publication page of the websites of the Commission and of CAAL: or Both publications are also available in bound form from CAAL (contact for ordering instructions

The work of the National Commission on Adult Literacy is funded by the Dollar General Corporation, The Mc-Graw-HIll Companies, Harold W. McGraw, Jr., the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and individual donors. 


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