Montana RIB Update



Need a break? Hungry for some turkey?

Let MT LINCS provide you with both!

(And you thought I was the turkey!  Not!)  =) 


October was a busy month for Montana ABLE professionals.  Many of you participated in some type of training:  Character Ed Conference, MAACE at MEA, Reading Conference, MABLE Training, and a variety of other activities held throughout the state. 


During all of these trainings, a terrific exchange of ideas took place among all of the participants.  As a result, several people have taken a moment to send comments, questions, and resources to MT LINCS.  Those items have covered a range of topics:  reading and math assessment, interest inventories, student sign-in chart, GED earnings info, and MT LINCS usage stats.  If you haven't had a chance, take a look at the MT RIB Discussions page at



Purpose of MT LINCS RIB

Yes, RIB will still have a research-based reading focus every month.  However, as you can tell by looking at the Discussions page, MT LINCS RIB can also be a great way to contact your colleagues throughout the state to request or share information.  So what do you need to do?  Take just a few minutes out of your busy day to take a look at the Discussions page to see if there is any information you can use or if there is any information you can share with everyone.  Then take a few minutes to email your comments, questions, or resources to MT LINCS at ahead - check it out!  Look for the errors!  First person to notify MT LINCS about a mistake on RIB wins a trip to Hawaii!  Of course, I didn't say what kind of trip, did I?)

Website Design

RIB is definitely a work in progress.  The end goal of the website is always to be user friendly.  Since there are more people sending in comments for posting, you will now find a table at the beginning of the posts.  Remember - RIB needs to be something that is usable for all of you, not a hindrance.  So if you have any suggestions, please email them.  (Hmmm ... the suggestions should be something that can be printed!!!)


Phonemic Awareness and Decoding will be the reading focus for November.  But before we do that, once again take a look at October's postings to see if you have anything to add or share with your colleagues.  They all have questions, and I know you all have the answers! 


Take a risk and step into Montana ABLE's Staff Lounge!  You'll love the coffee. 



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