Montana LINCS Update


Greetings from Montana LINCS!


Did you miss the webcast, From Assessment to Practice: Research-Based Approaches

to Teaching Reading to Adults ? 


It has now been archived.  (See below.)  You may now watch it at your leisure - with popcorn in hand!

You are even able to download the PowerPoint presentation! 


Did you watch the webcast?

What was your initial reaction?

What was something that you learned?

What is something you want to know more about?

Ah, yes, questions, questions, questions - let's work together to find some answers!


Let MT LINCS know your thoughts.  Reply now to this email!

Let people know what you think.

And don't worry - any postings now will *not* include your name

unless you specifically request that.

How's that for flexibility? =)


Archive of Webinar

with Dr. John Kruidenier, Dr. Rosalind Davidson,

and Mrs. Susan McShane


Go to 

to view the webcast and download the PowerPoint presentation.


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