Montana LINCS Update


Greetings from Montana LINCS!


1.  MT LINCS RIB Update


Some of your Montana colleagues are looking for some vocabulary resources.  Help them out!

Go to and click on Discussions.  Once there you will see a chart with the topics that have been sent in for this month.  Look at the Request for Resources.  Can you help?


2.  MT LINCS RIB and Pilot Project Statistics

You are accessing MT LINCS!  Great! 

Click here for the latest statistics!

3.  MPAEA Conference 2008 Registration

Click here for more information.

4.  Proliteracy and COABE:  Sharpen Your Knowledge, Skills, and Perspective

Deadline February 3


Northwest Regional Institute


February 28-29, 2008

University Place, Portland, Oregon

Sponsored by ProLiteracy and COABE


Click here for more information.



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