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Take a look at the interesting postings your Montana colleagues have sent.  They involve both math and reading along with some resources and teaching strategies for fluency.  (See below.)
If you were a participant at the Reading is the Bridge workshop last June, you have a copy of the following text:  Applying Research in Reading Instruction for Adults.  In this text, Susan McShane states that in 2000 the National Institute of Child Health and Human Develpment (NICHD) stated the following:
Research suggests that guided repeated oral reading may improve one or more aspects of fluency as well as comprehension.  (McShane, 2005, p.52)
For more strategies for fluency instruction, take a look at pages 52 - 57 in the McShane text.
Still needing more info on fluency?  Have you looked at NIFL's Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles website at ?  Check it out!



Are you having trouble following the postings that have taken place on the Discussions page?  Remember - there is more than just reading being discussed.  So to help organize the postings, MT LINCS has a chart at the beginning of each month.  All you have to do is click on the topic in which you are interested and the link will take you directly to that part of the discussion.  Of course, the chart is fluid, so it changes with additional postings.  See the December sample below.

Fluency:  December




 Webcast  Oral Reading





Vocabulary will be the reading focus for January.  But as usual before we do that, once again take a look at December's postings to see if you have anything to add or share with your colleagues.  (Of course, that does not mean that you can't go back to the previous months.  Remember - everything has been archived.  It's a new year - take a look at what has been discussed.  You might have a comment about something that has already been posted.  Ideas on an earlier topics will be posted!) 


Go to the MT RIB Homepage at to review past postings in the Archive, or go to the MT RIB Discussions page at to look at the December postings.

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Reading Assessment Part 2:  Specific Instructional Strategies for Fluency and Vocabulary 

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Wow, 2008 is a leap year!  What does that mean?  You got it - the opportunity of ONE more day to look at MT LINCS RIB.  (No groaning allowed on this website!)


Plus this year begins with another Reading Webcast.  This would be a great time to get your staff together for lunch, don't you think?  So how about starting off the new year with a brown bag lunch or a low calorie potluck while you all watch the reading webcast? =)   (OK, OK, go ahead, get together, and eat all of the remaining holiday cookies and candy.) 


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