MABLE 2015

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Introduction 7/13/15:

MABLE Make-over

MABLE launch went smoothly on July 1st. It is important to read the business language that provides succinct, clear language on reporting in MABLE. All program staff members need to be aware of MABLE changes and their implications for program/classroom management.  A new Users’ Manual will be forthcoming soon. However the business language captures the new reporting features.

Margaret Bowles, Adult Literacy and Basic Education Director
Montana Office of Public Instruction

Highlights of the new MABLE include:

       Focus on the program year (no more instructional year);

       Students no longer tied to PAIs dating to enrollments in past years;

       Easy to track student gains;

       Teacher read-rights to all of MABLE beginning July 15th  (Contact Carol Flynn at OPI if you need access to MABLE);

       Aligned to WIOA; and

       Reports will be updated by July 31st.

Business Language Updated 7/27/15  (Click here for printable version.)

Program Year (July 1-June 30) Explanation


        Carry-over students:  Students whose initial enrollment falls between April 1 to June 30 in a program year. A student can only be a carry-over student one time (initial ABE enrollment). Subsequent enrollments in future program years will not have carry-over status.


Program Year Startup

        MABLE will reset student hours, reset assessments, and open PAI’s on July 1 for all students.

        MABLE will allow a new PAI to be assigned every program year based on the pretest. (The PAI could be the same as the previous program year.)



        All students need to have locators prior to pretests.

o   Students who locate between 4-1 and 6-30 with no pretests during this timeframe will not be carry-over students.


        All new and continuing students will take a locator & pretest when they register or re-enroll.

o   Exception:  Carry over students who did not make a gain or did not posttest will carry over all three pretests from April-June.

o   Locator and pretests at the beginning of a new program year are considered new tests; test center staff will determine forms for pretests.

o   MABLE will identify invalid TABE scores (wrong form or outside the approved testing times) for both pretest and posttest.

o   Only one set of pretests should be administered in a program year.


        MABLE will indicate when a student is eligible to posttest.

        MABLE will identify the TABE form(s) for posttests. Students who need to be post tested more than once in a program year to demonstrate a gain may not use the same TABE form within the last 6 months/or after 120 hours of instruction for each student.


NOTE:  Students enrolling earlier in a program year will have more chances to posttest and achieve a gain versus students enrolling later in a program year.


        MABLE will automatically exit students with no instructional activity for 90 days.

        Staff will have access to a student exit report on the site summary page.




        MABLE will continue a student’s hours, assessments, and PAI if a student enrolls, is exited, and re-enrolls in the same program year. (A new pretest is not needed on the second enrollment during the same program year).


Teacher Rights


        MABLE will allow teachers to have read-rights to all tabs. Teacher data entry rights will continue as originally programmed.


        Programs will update demographics (critical data elements for integrated reporting) for students after July 1 each year.

Educational Functioning Level (EFL)


        A student EFL will be established by the program year (PY) pretest that was determined by a locator test.

        An EFL gain is made what a students is post-tested (per state requirements) in their initial EFL and primary area of instruction.

        For federal reporting only one gain per year is needed.