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11/30/07    Summary of Google Chat

We are going to be sending out information to clarify participation.
We realize this is new technology!

Several members who joined up did not sign up for e-mail or selected
the option that only gives you 1 e-mail a day-that one get you in the
discussion either.This will not allow ongoing participation live in
the discussion. If you only want to participate by telephone, I would
like to make that an option in the future but you will need to know
the call in information. You will miss the visual posting and
information, but we can brainstorm about that OR you can let us help
you get up to speed with the technology. Please contact me to let me
know your preference.

I am open to an alternative day for our next discussion. It appears
some programs do not work on Fridays. We don't want to miss you for
that reason. Please voice your opinion of preferred lunch hour. We
will then select something like the 3rd or 4th Thursday....monthly.

For now, you can get into the group membership and edit your profile
to allow for e-mail. I won't be pestering you. You will get
information to start the group and then the day of the discussion.

I have posted one powepoint to this group on Advice Giving. You can
take a look at that for discussion next time. Anyone registered can
send questions directly to me and not the entire group at anytime.

Dr. Christine Fiore