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Update #6:            MABLE Users Manual Update #7:            MABLE 11-2010 Questions


Update #8:            MABLE PAI Update #9:          MABLE PAI and Subtitle Update #10:          MABLE PAI Locked
Update #11:  Gains and PAI Update #12:  Student Data Table Update #13:  Student Profile Form Update #14:  Parking Lot Answers from MABLE Conference Update #15:  MABLE FAQs May 2011



MABLE FAQs May 2011


Parking Lot Answers from MABLE Conference


Student Profile Form

Good Afternoon:

At the MABLE Userís Conference we looked at the Student Profile Form and a few folks had some suggestions to make it easier to work with. I have attached an updated copy for you to look at. I want to make sure there are no more changes that need to be made before we post it on our website.

Here are the changes we made to the document.

  1. We put a thick bold line between the demographic information and the ethnicity information. Ethnicity now has its own section of the page and we bolded the following: The above question is about ethnicity, not race. No matter what you selected above, please continue to answer the following by marking one or more boxes to indicate what you consider your race to be.

  2. We moved Last Grade Completed, single parent and number of children under 18 to the top of the second page so that the ethnicity section of the form stands out and is not so crowded.

  3. We put a second bolded line between the Employment Status/Labor Force Status Definitions and the Housing Status information so they are not as crowded and easier to read.

  4. The third page of the document now has a little more information on it leaving a little more space on the first two pages. The document is now more balanced.

Let me know if there are any other changes you would like to see made by February 11, 2011. If I donít get any responses back, Iíll assume everyone is happy and Iíll get it posted on the web!!

Thanks in advance for your input.


Click here to view pdf of form.


Student Data Table


Good Morning:

I just wanted to let you know that Mandy has updated the Student Data Table in Mable. It now sorts by last name, includes last grade completed and last school attended and lists all races assigned to a student. Iíll email and let you know when she moves it to the production file so that you can see it.

Have a good day and stay warm. Winter is back!!



Gains and PAI


Good Morning:

Mandy will be moving her work on the PAI and showing gains to the production file soon so wanted to forewarn you.

On the student summary page, you will be able to see ďyesĒ or ďnoĒ if your student has made a gain. You will see his starting PAI and right under it you will see NRS gain with either a yes or no in place.

Once you have selected a PAI, it cannot be changed until the student makes a gain. The change does not work retroactively. For any student whose PAI has already disappeared because his instructional year ended, Mable wonít be able to reinstate the PAI. You will need to select a new PAI and save it for those students. There are now fields on the student summary page showing what the Starting PAI was and whether or not a gain has been made in the PAI. This should assist you in selecting which PAI the student needs.

Stay warm!! Itís cold here and more snow to come!!!



MABLE PAI Locked Until Gain Made


Good Morning:

Just to clarify a few things on the PAI enhancement.

The PAI has always been locked until the student makes a gain. The enhancement we are making will actually show you when a gain is made. In the past, the PAI would disappear when the new instructional year started and this left folks wondering what the PAI was to begin with.



Good Afternoon:

I just wanted to give you heads up regarding a new feature in MABLE. The Primary Area of Instruction for your students will remain locked in Mable until a gain is made and there will be an indicator on the summary page to show when a gain has been made. I will let you know when Mandy moves this programming piece to production.

Remember, your PAI at the beginning of the instructional year should be the studentís lowest level and they remain in that PAI until they make a gain. At that point, you can select a new PAI.



MABLE PAI and Subtitles



Good Afternoon:

I just wanted to let you know the additional PAI information is now on the studentís summary page and subtitles on the Student List Report have been renamed for your convenience.

You will now be able to look at the studentís summary page and see what his/her starting PAI was and if they have made a gain and a new PAI selected, you will be able to see the new PAI selection as well. At a glance youíll be able to see the first PAI selected and where the student currently is if there has been a change in PAI.

Also check out the Student List report in the drop down for the NRS Tables. You will notice that some of the column titles with regard to the PAI have been renamed. Look at column H which is the Start PAI, next is Current PAI, then Start EFL in Start PAI, Highest EFL in Start PAI, Current EFL in Current PAI.

Weíll discuss these changes at the Mable Userís Conference in January.

Merry Christmas everyone!!




Good Afternoon:

We have received some questions about the Primary Area of Instruction changing at the beginning of an instructional year. I just wanted to give you heads up that our programmer, Mandy, has been able to work on this issue a little quicker than she thought.

Mable is designed to allow the student to select a new PAI when he pretests at the beginning of the instructional year, so the old one disappears from the studentís summary page. The recommendation is that unless the student has made a gain in his starting PAI, you should select the same PAI until the gain has been made. Some program folks pointed out that it is difficult to remember what that starting PAI was, since MABLE stops displaying it when the instructional year changes. To make that easier, both the Current PAI and the Starting PAI for the Current program year will now be displayed together at the top of the individual student summary page.

Iíll let you know when Mandy moves this change to the production file.


MABLE Questions/Answers for 11/2010


MABLE Users Manual


Update #1 Update #2 Update #3:  MABLE Handbook Update #4:  Help Desk Coming Update #5 ConnectPro Minutes


Click here for the minutes from the ConnectPro meeting.


Help Desk Coming!


Handbook for MABLE Updates:  Montana Adult Basic and Literacy Education Student Information Guidelines


We just added new features to your Site Summary page. For each student needing an assessment, you will notice a button that says Assessment Report. This report will show you all the tests the student has been given in all content areas. Also, the last assessment on the site summary is now referring to the last assessment given. It is no longer referring to the original primary area of instruction, and the hours since the last test refers to hours since the last test (not just the last test in the primary area of instruction).
These improvements will definitely assist you in tracking student achievement.

Coming soon an Assessment Report for all students (not just students on the Site Summary).