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2013-2014 Resources

Year Conference Resources
Data Entry Webinar
Data Entry Webinar Notes
2014 Provided by Betty Botnen, Billings Adult Academic Center Enrollment Form

2012-2013 Resources

Year Conference Resources
2013 Cohorts and Data Goals, Cohorts, and Data, Oh My! PP

Goals, Cohorts, and Data, Oh My! pdf

2012 Data Quality 2012

DQ 2012 Resources

2011-2012 Resources

Year Conference Resources
2012 Adobe Connect Meeting

NRS Changes July 2012 ppt

NRS Changes July 2012 pdf

Optional Student Status Measures

Student Profile Form

Recorded Session

Chat Transcript

2012 Spring Directors' Meeting Data Teams

Data Trends

2011 Data Quality 2011 Agenda

Faces of Data Quality 2011

On the Road Again

OPI Policies and Procedures

Performance-based Funding

The Golden Circle

Research Information (Noted on ABLE Research link also )


Research PowerPoint (pdf)


2010-2011 Resources

Year Conference Resources
2011 Post Testing
2011 TABE Training 2011
2011 MABLE Documents Updates


2011 MABLE Users Conference


2010 Data Quality