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National Literacy Advocacy (NLA) List

Please see the message below from David Rosen offering the opportunity to join the AAACE-NLA Discussion List. This list, which has been in existence to a long time, serves as a vehicle for wide ranging discussions around adult education issues with adult education advocates from across the country.

Dear Adult Education Colleague,

For over two decades, adult basic skills advocates have been members of the National Literacy Advocacy (NLA) discussion list, which for over a decade has been sponsored by the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE). As you may know, the AAACE-NLA discussion list has recently migrated to a new home, and will now be a discussion forum on wiggio.comSeveral state adult education administrators and their staff, and others on the State Points of Contact email list are members. We very much hope that you too will become an active member of this new adult basic skills public policy advocacy community.

To do so, please reply with an email to with the following information:

1.     Your full name:

2.     Job title:

3.     Agency or organization:

4.    State (if not clear from the title of your agency or organization):

5.     Your preferred email address for AAACE-NLA posts:

6.     Whether or not you are a AAACE member. (You don’t need to be a member to participate in this forum.) You can answer just “yes” or “no”

If you have questions, please email me. 

David J. Rosen

AAACE-NLA Moderator

HSE (Most recent posted first)

HiSET - HiSET Road Map for Instructors NEW:  3/21/16

HiSET - 2016 Writing Response Scoring Guide  NEW:  10/5/15
HiSET - 2016 Scored Sample Writing Responses  NEW:  10/5/15
HiSET - 2016 Sample Questions  NEW:  10/5/15
HiSET - 2016 Test at a Glance  NEW:  10/5/15
HiSET - 2016 HiSET Program Manual  NEW:  10/5/15

HiSET - 2015 Information Brief - Math8/24/15
HiSET - 2015-2016 HiSET Test Taker Bulletin8/10/15
HiSET - Individual Student Sample Report6/29/15
HiSET - 2014 Annual Statistical Report on the HiSET Exam6/29/15
HiSET Test Administration Update:  6/15/15 

MT HiSET Accommodations Overview for 2014:  5/27/15
MT Math Test Observations:  Response from ETS:  5/9/15
HiSET Policy Rescinded:  4/27/15
HiSET Estimate:  Are You Ready to Take the HiSET Exam?:  4/17/15
HiSET Practice Test Quick Reference Guide:  4/17/15
HiSET Calculator Policy Updated:  4/6/15

HiSET Preparation Materials:  3/30/15

The Decennial Scurry by National Council of State Directors of Adult Education

Pathways (Most recent posted first)

Pre-Apprenticeship Resosurce:  1/18/16

Skills in the States:  Sector Partnership Policy Toolkit12/14/15

Integrating Career Awareness:  12/14/15

Pennsylvania Department of Education - Career Pathways ESL Working Group Series12/14/15

Career Pathways Exchange:  11/7/15

Career Pathways Toolkit:  A Guide for System Development:  9/13/15
Analyzing Talent Flow:  Identifying Opportunities for Improvement:  8/24/15
Blended Learning for the Adult Education Classroom:  7/20/15
Integrating Employability Skills:  A New Framework for All Educators:  7/20/15
College and Career Readiness and Success Center (CCRS):  7/20/15

Montana University System Commissioners' Directive on Early College Student Tuition and Ineligibility for Board Designated Waivers:  7/6/15

Funding Career Pathways:  A Federal Funding Toolkit for States (Revised Edition):  7/6/15

Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), 2015

Earlier editions of CLASP's Career Pathways Funding Toolkit were widely cited and used at the federal, state, and local levels. The newest edition includes revised program profiles reflecting the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act legislative and administrative changes to key federal programs. Of all the elements of career pathways, support services are among the most important to student success; they also are the most difficult to fund. An updated appendix identifies 10 federal funding sources that can be used to provide a wide range of support services for participants in career pathways.  

The Condition of Education 2015:  6/15/15

Click here to access Moving Pathways Forward resources.

o   Making Youth Employment Work:  Essential Elements for a Successful Strategy

o   Partnering with Employers to Promote Job Advancement for Low-Skill Individuals

o   Adult Coordination and Planning (AECAP Report)

o   Career Pathways Toolkit:  Six Elements for Success

o   Helping Adult Learners Make the Transition to Postsecondary Education

Standards (Most recent posted first)

College and Career Standards Resources  10/5/15  

Handbook for Sustaining Standards-based Education in Adult Education8/24/15  
New EFL Descriptors11/25/14      

College and Career-Readiness Standards for Adult Education:  4/2013

Technology (Most recent posted first)

Digital Promise Newsletter:  5/21/16

WIOA  (Most recent posted first)

WIOA updates

Measurable Skills Gain Excerpt:  5/16/16

NRS Implementation Guidelines Revised February 2016:  2/20/16

Montana WIOA State Plan posted for public comment:  Due February 19.  All comments can be submitted by email to  1/25/16

How WIOA Performance Data Works:  12/14/15

Apprenticeship USA Toolkit:  12/14/15

Clasp:  Opportunities for Action - Career Pathways: State Plan & Policy

WIOA Vision Document from US Department of Education:  8/24//15

        OCTAE Program Memorandum (OCTAE/DAEL 15-4) : Vision for the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act in the Workforce System and Initial Implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; and

        OSERS Technical Assistance Circular (RSA-TAC-15-02):  Vision for the State Rehabilitation Services Program as a Partner in the Workforce Development System under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.Back to Top.

WIOA Vision for One Stop Delivery System8/13/15

Request for Comments on WIOA Unified and Combined State Plan Requirements:  8/10/15

A copy of the proposed Information Collection Request with applicable supporting documentation may be accessed at by selecting Docket ID number ETA-2015-0006 or directly at!documentDetail;D=ETA-2015-0006-0002The comment period is open for 60 days and closes on October 5, 2015.  Any comments not received through the processes outlined in the Federal Register will not be considered by the departments.  Technical assistance materials will be available at

Integrated Education and Training:  An Overview of Pertinent WIOA Statues and Federal Regulations


OCTAE:  Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act website

AEFLA:  WIO Topical Fact Sheets

       Corrections Education

       English Language Acquisition

       Essential Components of Reading

       Integrating Technology

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - Five Notices of Proposed Rulemaking Available for Public Inspection:  Sixty Day Comment Perios Begins April 16:  4/6/15

Program Memorandum

The AEFLA Title II NPRM is available online at  The other four NRPMs are posted on the Federal Register Public Inspection website at  They will all be available for comment during a 60-day period beginning on April 16, 2015.

WIOA Quick Start Action Planners:  3/30/15    

Using "Measurable Skill Gains" to Best Serve Low-Income, Lower-Skilled Individuals:  3/17/15

The Biden Report:  Ready to Work - Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity:  3/16/15