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Learning to Achieve Trainer Snippet #5

Content Learning

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Module 7:    Content Learning

Participant Guide

·       Pages 120-129

·       Slides 1-20


·       Content learning is the acquisition of information from written material. 

·       Content learning is more than learning facts. 

·       Content learning involves higher order thinking skills.  

o   Inferring (reading between the lines)

o   Comprehension monitoring (learner's ability to self-monitor how well they are understanding the text)

o   Genre sensitivity 

When individuals’ content learning abilities are well matched with the text they are reading, they are better able to learn content. 


·       CONTENT INSTRUCTION = Explicit Instruction + Comprehension strategies 


§  Provide clear explanations

§  Model the learning process ( I do)

§  Engage in the scaffolded practice (We do and You do)

§  Provide elaborated feedback 

Many individuals with LD do not develop essential strategies for learning because they are not given enough time and guidance to effectively practice what they are taught.           


Let's imagine that we are teaching how to select 'the best cookies' while in the cookie aisle at the grocery store.  Let's use 'think aloud' to reveal some thoughts that would guide our actions.  Let me demonstrate first using clear and concise language. As I stand at the beginning of the cookie aisle I will think (point to your head to indicate the 'think aloud'), "Oh, I need to buy cookies for  my children!" This directs my action to start down the cookie aisle.  (Think about what would guide your actions.... calories, cost, etc.) 

Clearly showing thoughts and actions is very important in explicit instruction. 

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Resource from MTLINCS:  

Condensed Versions of Montana ABLE Content Standards at  

Submitted by Sheri Wilson, L2A Trainer