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Missouri Learns Updated in MABLE

Mary Grott, Missouri Learns, said they made some updates and changes to Distance Learning in Reading, Chemistry, Geography, and Algebra Word Problems curriculum that have changed the timings of these assignments.  Below are the new times for the assignments:


Interpreting What You Read






Algebra Word Problems


Algebra Word Problems 2


These changes have been moved into MABLE so we just wanted to let you know.


New Curriculum

We have added some new curriculum pages to your classes.  Since you have a number of classes, please have each of the teachers review their classrooms in BB to verify we’ve added everything properly.  Below is what has been added:

·        Reading – Interpreting what you read -  Inferences (this has just been bulked up)
·        Math – Coordinate Graphing (this should have curriculum plus two quizzes)
·        Math – Putting it all Together (this should have curriculum plus one quiz)
·        Special Topics – Worksheet 2 – Absolute Values (this has changed – Graphing removed)
·        Special Topics – Worksheet 3 – Scientific Notation (distance and slope removed – it was added to coordinate graphing)
·        Special Topics – Worksheet 4 – Probability
·        The two quizzes for special topics have been updated.

Again, please double check to verify all of this has been added.

Below is the time standards for the new/changed curriculum:

Coordinate Graphing Quiz 1


Coordinate Graphing Quiz 2


Interpreting What You Read - Revised


Comparing Graphs, Tables, and Equations


Distance Learning Policy 2013-2014

Good Morning,

As was discussed in Shop Talks this spring, the Montana Distance Learning Policy for 2013-14 was approved in April 2013. Section IV of the new policy requires that ABLE programs interested in offering distance learning develop a yearly distance learning continuous improvement plan to include: assessment of student’s successes and intended goals to increase the number of distance learners served. For those of you who may have not applied to be a distance learning provider in the past, this is a wonderful opportunity to reconsider. Distance learning does provide  the opportunity to serve students who are separated by miles or unable to attend your program during regularly scheduled hours; through distance learning you can reach beyond your county borders to teach those who may not have an ABLE program nearby.

If there is interest the state will continue to pay for the Missouri online curriculum, which will continue to provide a minimum number of Skills Tutor in the upcoming program year. There are going to be some significant changes to Missouri GED Online. Missouri has joined Montana in becoming a HiSET state, so they are very busy updating and revamping their online program. Below are some of the highlights of the changes that will be implemented this fall:

·        Missouri GED Online will become Missouri Learn.

·        Levels will be updated.

·        Curriculum is being aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

·        The MT URL will be updated.

·        Missouri Learn will create a technology environment very similar to the HiSET CBT.

Next year the distance learning plan will be included in the E-Grants application. However, this year you will need to submit your distance plan via e-mail to me by Friday, August 30th.

For your convenience I have attached the new Distance Learning Policy.

Please contact me if you have any questions.





March April


Distance Learning Update


Missouri GED Online has added some new material to Level 4, as well as incorporated Contemporary McGraw-Hill GED Practice Tests for your students. This site allows students to e-mail teachers their results. The instructions for students to e-mail their teachers are included.  

The links are under Level 4 in the curriculum.  Below are the direct links:

Language Arts Reading -

Math -

Language Arts Writing Part 1 -

Language Arts Writing Part 2 -

Science -

Social Studies - 

Please contact Carol Flynn if you have any questions about this update.

I had this in my last Power Point frame at the directors' meeting last week; good news for Monday morning!

Have a great week,



Conference Call

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Sent on behalf of Melinda Lynnes

DL Training Participants~

Thank you so much for joining us this morning! I'm sorry we got cut off at the end without being able to answer questions...we thought we had 5 more minutes! I'm attaching some info on the Grade Center in GED Online since that wouldn't load for us this morning. Also, if you have questions that went unanswered, please email me and we'll continue the conversation. If you would like another session, please email that to me as well so we can set that up. I know we went quickly, but I hope you'll have a chance to use some of the information and then maybe do a debriefing.

Thanks again for participating.

Happy Friday!


Good Afternoon:

This is the first of two emails. I am attaching the PowerPoint to this email. Be sure to print off the PowerPoint so that you can follow along.

I will send the handouts in a separate email because it’s a bit much for everything in one email.

Please join me in an Adobe Connect Meeting.

Meeting Name: MABLE

Summary: USe this for director meetings and other Mable training

Invited By: Linda Gardner (

When: 03/2/2012 8:00 am to 9:00 am

To join the meeting:


If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:

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SkillsTutor Update

Good Morning, Please check out what Mary Grott sent me this morning. They have upgraded Skills Tutor so wanted to share the information. Since things have been a little quiet on the Distance Learning front, I’m not sure that my distribution list is totally accurate. Would you be so kind as to let me know if there is someone on the list that should not be and also let me know if I need to add someone to the list. Thank you for your help. Carol From: Mary Grott []
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 8:59 AM

To: Flynn, Carol
Subject: FW: skills tutor Carol, There has been an upgrade to SkillsTutor. It has a different look. I’ve attached a few manuals to help teachers and students navigate. Thanks, Mary