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May 23, 2008

Good Morning,
I am hoping this e-mail finds you all gearing up for a restful weekend, and before you leave for the holiday I wanted to share some additional information regarding the content standards writing.
  • The writing teams can plan on a minimum of two face-to-face meetings during the next program year.
  • The first meeting will be held in conjunction with the Data Quality Conference in Helena in September.
  • All teachers are encouraged to apply; early career to the veteran ABLE teacher will a valued member of the team.
If you have other specific questions, please contact me.
Again, applications are due May 30th, and the application can be completed in minutes!!!

May 13, 2008

Dear Directors and Instructors:
I am busy planning for our next program year, and I am pleased to inform you that one of the most important projects of the upcoming year is going to be the development of content standards for Montana Adult Education.
Content standards provide the framework for instruction by defining the scope of what is to be taught. Using this framework, adult educators can individualize curricula and instructional strategies to address the specific needs of adult learners. Research indicates that content must align with performance expectations or outcomes to be effective.
States that have already engaged in the content standards development process report that developing and implementing standards is a means to:
  • Raise expectations for all learners and communities,
  • Engage stakeholders in building a common set of goals and vocabulary,
  • Improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment to consistently reflect best, practice within the disciplines and within the field of adult learning,
  • Enhance professional development to support instruction,
  • Articulate adult education goals and possibly align them with those from other agencies and organizations, and
  • Raise awareness and visibility in the community and, thereby increase commitment to the programs and learners served.
I would like to begin the process by establishing content standards development writing teams and would like to offer directors and instructors the opportunity to be involved in this worthwhile project. Please complete the attached application and submit as indicated. Those participating in the development teams will help draft Montana Adult Education Content Standards.  
Detailed information regarding meetings and an outline of the work over the next year will be forthcoming. At this point in time, the goal is to form the teams and our work will begin in September.
I look forward to working with you on the important project.
Best regards,
Margaret Bowles
Adult Literacy and Basic Education Specialist
Office of Public Instruction
Box 202501
Helena MT 59602-5201
(406) 444-4443

ApplicationDeadline May 30!

 Click here to download the application.