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November June







CTE Reform

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CTE Innovation: Career Academies

President Obama’s 2013 budget request, as well as the Blueprint for An America Built to Last and Investing in America’s Future: A Blueprint for Transforming Career and Technical Education, propose the establishment of more high-quality career academies across the country. The request for the academies is $1 billion over three years with $200 million designated for FY 2013 ...

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Career Pathways:  Bridge Curriculum

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Good Afternoon,

Attached is the draft Bridge Curriculum that has been developed for ABLE instructors to use to assist students in their transitions from ABLE to careers and postsecondary.  The Power Point and Word document contain the same information; we just wanted to offer the material in more than one format. Please encourage your staff to peruse through the curriculum over the summer months, as we would like to hear suggestions and comments from the field. At the conclusion of the summer these draft documents will be finalized and reviewed at the Data Quality Conference in September. 

The intent of the curriculum is to have abundant free resources available for teachers to use to assist students in moving through ABLE. The curriculum builds on the PEP Talk Process and all the other wonderful, creative strategies teachers are using; once the student's PEP Talk Plan and specific academic needs are identified teachers can differentiate instruction using the Bridge Curriculum when needed.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Margaret, Suzette, and Michelle


Montana Bridge Program Survey

Important Message from Suzette Fox and Michelle Gasek!

Please distribute the survey to your staff.

This is their chance to provide feedback and get the Bridge Program of their dreams!

Margaret Bowles, Montana ABLE Director

  • Click here for Survey. (Word)

  • Click here for Survey. (pdf in case you have difficulty with Word file)

Montana Adult Ed Directors,

Please complete the attached (See above) Montana ABE Bridge Program Survey and return it to Suzette or Michelle (contact info below) by December 16.  Your input will guide our work as we research curriculum resources and explore partnership opportunities for the state of Montana.  We know that your program already has "bridge" programs in place that are working for students. 

Please distribute this survey to your faculty for feedback.  Even though staff may not work with all areas of this survey, they will be able to report best practices and curriculum they would like to share with the state. Your instructors and staff can also share areas of need they experience while working with students, suggesting areas of research for us to pursue.  One of the goals for the Montana ABE Bridge Program includes providing curriculum that is readily available and easily implemented in the classroom. 

This survey is provided as a Word Document to allow you time to think about your answers, time to look up resource information, and as much space as you need to describe your transition resources and your transition needs. 

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to report back to us on your "Bridge" successes and your "Bridge" needs.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Suzette Fox, Billings Adult Education

Michelle Gasek, Educational Opportunity Center