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1/13:  Introduction

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Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to the technology follow-up from EQ 2013:  Communities of Practice (COP)!

On January 13, we are excited to bring you Montana’s very own COP:  Montana Technology in the Classroom. During this six week session, you will be exposed to a variety of technology tools.  We will provide you with potential models for the tools while, in turn, you will have the opportunity to share with your colleagues your own ideas for possible implementation.  As always, flexibility will be the key to a successful venture!

Before the Montana COP begins, we do need you first to create an account on LINCS if you do not yet have one.  You will find the directions attached to this email.  Please create the account by January 6 If you have any difficulty, please email Norene at  

We are looking forward to some great dialogue.  Enjoy the holidays and be ready for a very interesting beginning to 2014!

In the meantime, check out the basic foundation of the Montana COP.

Montana Technology in the Classroom:  Community of Practice

·       This not a course, but a discussion group that will focus on implementing technology tools into the classroom.


·        Six weeks:  January 13 to February 21

·        Registration for the Montana COP needs to be done by January 6.  (Refer to Registration Attachment.)

Asynchronous Discussion

·       Participants will participate on a weekly basis at a time convenient for them.

 Content, Process, and Expectation:  Tech Tool and Sample

·       Tim Ponder will present tech tools and facilitate online discussion.   A model will provide a sample of the tech tool and its connection to a Montana reading standard.

·       Participants will peruse and implement tools and then share their results, ask questions, etc. on COP via weekly posts. 

·       Participants will also be encouraged to share other ways that tools may be used, e.g. content integration, etc.

Certificate/OPI Renewal Units

·       Participants will earn six (6) OPI Renewal Units for doing the following things:

·        implementing tools

·        posting weekly follow-ups on COP discussion


·       The goal will be to maintain Montana COP if it remains active or transition it to LINCS Technology and Learning.

Margaret Bowles, Adult Literacy and Basic Education Director, Office of Public Instruction

Registration Information

Click here for information on how to register.

*Clarification for Montana COP

The registration directions state the following:

Choose which groups within the community that you want to join by clicking in the appropriate boxes next to the group names.      

The names you see are public groups.  Since the Montana COP is a private discussion group, you will not see it until Tim sends you an invitation to join.  He has the list of participants and will check on a weekly basis to see who has registered on LINCS.  When he sees your name, he will send you an invitation to join the Montana COP.  Again please create an account by January 6.







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