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Montana ABLE Conference 2014

Agenda General Information
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Agenda (9/8/14)

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General Information

Montana ABLE Fall Conference and Career Pathways Initiative 2014

September 22 and 23

Helena Red Lion Colonial Hotel


Please call the hotel at 443-2100 and book your sleeping room.  You can also book on line at  using the online booking code ADUL0921.  The block of rooms are under OPI – Adult Education.  Reservations for the sleeping rooms need to be reserved by August 22, 2014.

For more information, contact Carol Flynn. 

Conference Overview

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ABLE Conference 2014

Conference Format:

Student Centered/Time for Collaboration - Get Your Classrooms Ready for WIOA

Why This Format: 

The Needs Assessment completed by 35 teachers and directors said overwhelmingly, “We want a conference that goes to the heart of the program, the classroom! We also want to have time to collaborate with our peers.” This aligns perfectly with WIOA preparation and an impeccable RFP!

Who Should Attend & Why:

Director and the designated pathway teacher, or teachers, from each program are required as part of the Moving Pathways Forward Technical Assistance Initiative sponsored by OCTATE.

Content area teachers should attend because the plenary time is being devoted to providing the framework for the 2014 - 2015 leap to WIOA which will require director/teacher collaboration. Over the course of this program year, the state will expend leadership dollars to support professional development that enhances a systemic approach to instruction and WIOA requirements.

What Needs to Be Done Prior to the Conference? 

Math:  All teachers should send a list of the materials they used for GED preparation (especially those favorites) and HiSET to the OPI by September 8th! Please send the material list to Carol Flynn at This list will be used to help presenters address the need for HiSET instructional materials. (Even teachers not attending the conference are encouraged to send the list materials, they will be represented.)

Directors and Pathway Teacher(s):  Complete the Pathway Survey independently by September 12th and submit to Carol Flynn at This will be used to guide the coaches’ work at the conference and regional meetings in October.  Survey will be coming after Labor Day.

Reading/Writing:  All teachers should come prepared with questions regarding ramped up instruction required for WIOA performance measures and pathways instruction.

Who will be presenting?

The presenters will include:

Survey Results     

Click here to access the 2014 Needs Assessment.  Click on each of the tabs to access all of the information.