Montana Educational Quality 2013

Sites used in the 9/11/2013 presentation:
Not meant to be a comprehensive list - simply a sampling

OVAE Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS)
A professional learning community for adult educators that provides access to resources, professional development, and a connected network of practitioners.

Poll Everywhere
Engage students, staff or other audiences using a variety feedback methods.

Assessments and Standards

Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment
Defines and assess the basic skills needed to perform tasks on a computer and online.

ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)

Technology and the Common Core

Samples of assessments and tools.

AdultEd Online
Instructor and Administrator Self Assessments

Technology Skills

Everyone On
Learning about computer technology

GFC Learn Free - Computers
Online Basic Computer Skill Tutorials

Typing Web
Free account required

Digital Learning Environments
Resources for Instructors and Administrators

Online Educational Sites

Khan Academy
Includes video lessons, activities and Coaching (learner management)
Select resources can also be run offline and on mobile devices

Vocabulary Dot Com
Interactive dictionary and vocabulary site

Learning Chocolate
Vocabulary Learning Platform

USA Learns
Language Learning Site

Additional Resources

Google Chrome Applications for Education


Smartphones in the Classroom

Tech Tips For Teachers
Blog from World Education Staff

Questions or Suggestions?
Tim Ponder