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MAACE Opportunities to Join ANN and TESOL

October 21, 2008                                                                                           

Dear  MAACE Members

Good things are happening in MAACE! An opportunity that we’d like to tell you about is regarding membership in ANN (Adult Education Numeracy Network).   Because of Rose Steiner’s passion for mathematics education and with her husband’s support, they have offered to purchase memberships in ANN for one MAACE member at each of the 20 ABLE Centers.  We hope that someone on your staff will take advantage of this kind offer.  We thank Rose & Del for their generosity.

Moved by Rose’s generosity, Yvonne Hauwiller agreed to match their donation to support membership in joining TESOL, an ESL professional organization.  Two TESOL memberships will be given to MAACE members who are working with second language students.  These memberships will be given to teachers at two different centers.

Your role as Center Director is to let your staff know about these two opportunities from MAACE.  Since these awards will be given to MAACE members, you will be promoting the organization as well. Let them know, we’re back and healthier than ever!

For the ANN membership, please send an e-mail with the name and address of one teacher from your Center to DeeDra Reum, Sec/Treas at  Since there are only two awards for TESOL, interested teachers should write a paragraph or two about their work with ESL students.  This should also be sent, along with their name, address, and program name to DeeDra.  If there are more than two applicants for TESOL, selection will be made,  but with possible adjustments to accommodate each interested teacher. 

This is YOUR organization and we hope that you will encourage staff members to take advantage of all that MAACE has to offer. 

Thanks and Best Wishes (2008-2009 MAACE Board Members),

 Steve McCoy, Chairperson                                 Shelley Jo Isaak, Western Board

 Kathie Daviau, Vice Chair                                   Darrel Hannum, Member at Large

 DeeDra Reum, Secretary/Treasurer                  Yvonne Hauwiller, Member at Large

 Jean Dahlman, Eastern Board                            Margaret Bowles, Ex-Officio