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MAACE Request for Proposal for Professional Development

The Montana Association for Adult and Community Education (MAACE) is one of the delivery vehicles for professional development for Montana ABLE educators.  At this time, MAACE is searching for an individual who can help provide leadership and work with the MAACE Board in planning, facilitating, and directing the professional development activities that are to be carried out by MAACE for the fiscal year 2004-2005.  Please read through the Request for Proposal below.  If you have any questions, please contact Norene Peterson at

Deadline is August 27!

Request for Proposals for MAACE Professional Development


To provide leadership and to work with the MAACE board in planning, facilitating, and directing the professional development activities to be carried out by the MAACE organization for fiscal year 2004/05. The MAACE organization has tentatively planned the following for program year 2004/05:


The amount available to fund this activity is $5,000.  This amount would cover all expenses incurred by the individual to provide this service.

Application Requirements

Submit a written plan that addresses the following four categories:

Professional Development Activities (15 points)

 All activities must be completed before the end of June 2005.

 Qualifications (5 points)

Describe the qualifications including education and/or experience that will help you support and carry out the planned professional development activities of this project.

 Communication and Coordination Methods (5 points)

Describe how you will collaborate with the MAACE board and other relevant entities to carry out the planned activities of this project.

Budget (5 points)

Submit a written budget with estimated operating expenses.

Deadline for Application

August 27

Send two copies to:

Amy Fabey, MAACE Secretary

2215 Pueblo Dr.

Billings, MT 59102