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FALL 2003

 Board of Directors


All MAACE members should have received a ballot via mail. 

Please vote for one candidate in your district

and return the ballot by October 13 to:


Kristin Bay

PO Box 10724

Kalispell, MT 59901


If you did not receive a ballot by mail, please contact Kristin Bay @


The MAACE Board


There are three MAACE board members from each district according to the old congressional districts. The western district includes Western Montana, Helena, Bozeman, and Livingston. The eastern district includes Eastern Montana, Billings, Havre, and Great Falls. This year Jerry Guay in the eastern district is finishing his three-year term. Cathy Smyers is completing a one-year appointment to the board for the western district.  New board members begin their terms at the board meeting on October 16 in Billings, MT.


The following people are running for the MAACE Board.  Write-in options are available on your ballot.



_____ Cathy Smyers has been teaching reading and writing at Missoula Adult Basic and Literacy Education since 1992, the length of time she has been a member of MAACE. She has a BA in History, a M.Ed. in Adult Education, and a K-12 library certification. Cathy stepped up to replace Shelly Jo Isaak, who left the board after the birth of her first child. Cathy is currently chair of the Public Relations Committee, a member of MPAEA, participated in a regional mini-grant project last spring, and the Northwest Quality Initiative project (01-02).  Cathy stated, “My philosophy of adult education is that it should assist learners to recognize and work toward their full potential and that lifelong learning plays a critical role in reaching it.”



_____ Vickie Mattingly has worked in Adult Basic and Literacy Education for three years at the Skyline Educational Center in Great Falls. She graduated from Western Montana College and started her first teaching job at North Middle School in Great Falls. She has been a scout leader, a Sunday school teacher, and a floral designer. Vicki states, “I love working in ABLE because there is such a need for teachers who are both accepting and encouraging, and those that I have met during the past few years are certainly just that. The potential for Montana programs is incredible, and I feel that I could be a positive advocate for its growth and development.”





_____ Donna Bakke is starting her sixth year with Missoula Adult Basic and Literacy Education. She has a BA in Business Education from the University of Montana. Donna has been involved in MAACE for five years, on the board for the last two years. She is a member of MPAEA and COABE. Donna participated in a national research project, What Works Literacy and is currently involved in the regional Northwest Quality Initiative with Judy Alamprese. Donna is excited to be involved with MAACE and to see the growth in opportunities for professional development the organization has offered its members. “I believe in MAACE, its mission, and the people that make up this organization. Working together, we can provide quality professional development opportunities and build a great support network for the people involved in adult education in Montana.”