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MAACE Summer Conference 2008

CANCELLED (for you Brits)


CANCELED (for you Americans)


Posted 5/12/08


May 9, 2008

Dear MAACE Members and MAACE Supporters:

The MAACE Board has decided to cancel the 2008 MAACE Conference in Polson, Montana, June 25-27, 2008.  With approximately 30 people attending, the conference would not serve our members effectively and would lose money. The Board felt MAACE funds will be used more effectively by sponsoring advocacy for adult education in Montana at the local, state, and federal levels.   Thanks to those who already registered.  We will be returning registration fees to you as soon as possible.  Please send Steve McCoy a hearty thanks for all of his work and the work of his staff to plan and put together this spectacular event for us.  By pulling together, we will all heal from this disappointment. 

Thanks to those who submitted proposals to present as well.  We appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with your colleagues in the field.  Please re-submit your ideas at a later conference, possibly for the MEA-MFT Educators Conference in Missoula this fall.  We also want to thank Margaret Bowles for securing a contract with our keynote speaker and for being willing to support us in this training endeavor.  A huge thank you goes out to Norene Peterson who has graciously posted our announcements, updated, and maintained our presence on Montana LINCS as well.  Please acknowledge Norene’s diligence and hard work when you get a chance. 

Since the Board felt MAACE funds would be put to better use by sponsoring advocacy for adult education, we will be developing a strategic plan for advocacy at all levels this summer.  We invite you to serve with us and share your expertise in this matter.  We may be surveying the membership for ideas and inspiration to help us build the best plan for our organization and our state.  Please assist us with this project and we will present the results at our Annual Business Meeting, Awards Banquet, and Installation of New Board Members held in conjunction with the Data Quality Institute September 16 &17, 2008, in Helena. 

Thank you, Margaret, for suggesting that we hold our meeting in conjunction with the Data Quality Institute in September.  We are planning to hold our annual business meeting the evening of September 16 in Helena.  Stay tuned for time and place.  We also hope to arrange a fun evening for socializing and networking with colleagues across the state.  The MAACE Board feels this is imperative to the health and welfare of our organization.  Please mark your calendar and plan to attend the Data Quality Institute and the MAACE Business Meeting/Dinner Function September 16!

As always, you may contact me or any member of the MAACE Board with ideas, enthusiasm, questions, or concerns.  We always look forward to discussing adult education with our colleagues. 


Your MAACE Board: 

Suzette Fox (, Jack Eggensperger (, Darrel Hannum (, Steve McCoy (, Yvonne Hauwiller (, and Jean Lemire Dahlman (


MAACE Vision Statement

MAACE promotes learning as a lifelong process through advocacy, professional development and collaboration among local, state, tribal and national organizations.



MAACE 1st Annual Summer Conference

Kwa Taq Nuk Resort

Polson, MT

June 25 - 27


Posted 5/4/08

Margaret Bowles has informed us that Lt. Governor Bohlinger has expressed a strong interest in providing the keynote address at our summer conference in Polson in June!!!
This is a perfect opportunity for us to advocate for Adult Education and to demonstrate to the Governor's Office that we are successfully serving adult learners and are an economic anchor in our communities as we help adults complete their GED and assist them in preparing to enter post-secondary training.  However, in order to do this, we need a strong showing at the conference in June.  We need everyone who possibly can to attend this conference, build a network of professional relationships with others in the state, and share best practices while demonstrating our passion for and commitment to our profession. 
PLEASE email Suzette at right now to let her know if you are coming to Polson in June.  We need to know who will be represented and how many of you plan to attend.  
PLEASE call a friend or colleague serving in adult education right now and encourage them to ride with you and/or room with you.  Have them email Suzette as well!
Join your fellow Adult Educators in Polson in June for our annual MAACE conference and training!  We'll see you there!!
Don't forget to email Suzette!!!


Click here for a message from the MAACE president.