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2013 Education Funding History (p. 36)

Tapping the Potential - Profile of Adult Education Target Population

Montana Return on Investment Fact Sheet 2013

2012 Montana ABLE Map 2012

GED Fact Sheet

2011 National Information on Return on Investment (ROI)

McGraw-Hill Research Foundation Policy Paper:  ROI of Adult Education

Montana ABLE:  Return on Investment

Montana ABLE Facts

Montana GED Facts

Montana ABLE Participant Data

Montana Students:  Walk in Our Shoes

Letter to U.S. Representative Dennis Rehberg from Denise Juneau, Superintendent OPI, and Sheila Stearns, Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education

Montana Student Highlights


2009 Montana Map:  No Diploma by County


2008 Montana ABLE Funding Update - 6/08

OPI Funding Formula - 10/07




OPI Fact Sheet of 2005-2006 ABLE Programs

OPI Fact Sheet of 2004-2005 ABLE Programs

OPI Return on Investment Fact Sheet of 2004-2005 ABLE Programs


2004-2005 Map of 2004-2005 ABLE Programs


2001-2004 Comparison of 01-02, 02-03, 03-04 MT statistics


2002-2003 2002 - 2003 MT statistics



Information about MT Graduation Rate


National LINCS Facts & Statistics

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