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Montana Information

1. Montana ABLE and Partner Meetings/Trainings:

Montana ABLE Meetings

Montana ABLE Teacher Institute Update

June 1 & 2, Radisson Colonial Hotel, Helena

Information from Summer Institute Professional Development Team

Dear Summer Institute Attendee:

Thank you for joining us on June 1st and 2nd for the ABE Summer Institute. We are confident that you will find the content and activities informative and useable as we move forward with our new WIOA mission to transform our instruction with a focus on College and Career Readiness Standards and Career Pathways.

·       PLEASE SUBMIT IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO!  We also require submission of a favorite lesson that you feel results in student engagement and positive results. Please submit to Carol at No later than May 5th

·       You will need to bring a laptop or tablet loaded with the College and Career Readiness Standards. 

As we move forward into a new format for professional development across the state we will ask for continuing input, as we will strive to meet our new challenges and achieve our new goals collaboratively.

If you have questions, please contact Michele Curlee.


The Summer Institute Professional Development Team

Michele Curlee

Lacey Dobyns

James Buscher

Montana Partner Meetings

Montana Disability Employability Conference

·        Montana Disability Employability Conference

·        May 11 - 13 in Great Falls

·        Registration:

Montana WIOA Core Partner Meeting

·        August 23, 24, and 25

This will be a very important meeting; employability skills training, national leaders’ panel discussion, and unveiling of MT WIOA policy (how the partners will collaborate to provide services) will be unveiled. 

2. Montana EdReady:  ELA esources

Although the ELA component of EdReady is not yet available, NROC has available resources shared with us by Ryan Schrenk of the Montana Digital Academy.

1.     Here is a link that goes into depth about the Developmental English project at NROC:

2.     Here are the hippocampus resources you can start to examine or use at any time:

(Click on English then Developmental English, and then you can peruse the resources from there)

3.     Here is a tutorial on creating a playlist that you can customize for your own trials with students at no cost:

3. Montana Moving Pathways Forward Resources

Click here to access all MPF Resources.  New contextualized template for posted! 

4. Montana and National News Information

Click here to access a site that will take you to the most current information without your having to search.  New resources posted on 3/21/16.

Information from COABE:  The Value and Necessity of Adult Education

·        Videos

·        Close the Illiteracy Blind Spot with Adult Education

·        Fact Sheets:  COABE has developed a series of fact sheets on the return on investing in adult basic skills. We urge you to download and use these free fact sheets when advocating on the importance of adult education to policy makers and the press.

o   About COABE Fact Sheet

o   Adult Basic Education Needs Factsheet

o   Issues Factsheet

o   WIOA Fact Sheet

5. WIOA Update

WIOA Montana Updates:


Agencies urge aligning SNAP E&T with WIOA

To better serve SNAP participants known as ABAWDs (able-bodied adults without dependents), states should connect them to quality employment and training opportunities so they can maintain food assistance while building skills. According to new guidance from the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Labor, SNAP and workforce agencies should work together to help SNAP participants access WIOA programs. Read more on our Skills Blog.


Montana WIOA Discussion Group Update

Have you been reading items posted on the Montana WIOA Discussion List?  Monthly program reports have been posted.

Click here  to access the following:   Montana WIOA:  Chunking Pertinent Information for Montana.

WIOA National Update:

2/20/16:  NRS Implementation Guidelines

NRS Implementation Guidelines

HiSET Information

HiSET® April 2016 Newsletter

The HiSET® Program Welcomes Colorado!

Colorado is the latest to join our family of states and jurisdictions that offer the HiSET® exam to out-of-school youth and adults who are pursuing their high school equivalency credential.

Check out news coverage of this exciting addition in the Denver Post and Chalkbeat Colorado and also on

Practice Tests

Additional practice tests will be released in September 2016.

As of April 8, 2016, the practice tests released in 2013, FPT1 and PPT1, are no longer available. Instructors and test takers are encouraged to use our more recent practice tests released in 2015. For details, see the Quick Reference Guide to HiSET® Preparation Materials.

Test Center Reminders

A friendly reminder to complete and submit your testing schedules by May 1: You should have received a spreadsheet to input all your information from your Test Administration Services (TAS) representative. If you have any questions, please contact your TAS representative.

HiSET Success Story — Denison, Iowa

After completing two years of basic training, Terry Hottendorf, made the decision to drop out of high school in his senior year and enroll in the Army National Guard. He served for six years and found himself working at various packing plants for the next 20 years. Determined to change his path in life, Hottendorf enrolled in the high school equivalency program at Western Iowa Community College. Read more about Hottendorf's story and how passing the HiSET exam has put him on a new and exciting path.

Does your state or jurisdiction have a HiSET success story you want to share with us and others? If so, we want to hear it. Email Sheri Mayo with details and include "HiSET Success Story" in your subject line. For more information about the HiSET program, contact us.

Phone toll-free:



Montana HSE Update: April 2016

Update:  4/11/16

The HiSET team has always committed to providing relevant practice tests in order to assess a test taker’s readiness to take the HiSET exam.  Each year, our practice tests are re-evaluated for their relevance to the latest operational HiSET battery.  Our first two practice tests released in 2013, FPT1 and PPT1, no longer provide a strong correlation to the HiSET battery to measure a tester’s readiness.  As a result, FPT1 and PPT1 will no longer be available as of April 8, 2016. 


Instructors and test takers are encouraged to consider using our more recent practice tests released in 2015.  The HiSET Practice Test Reference Guide provides more details.  We will include a message about the removal if FPT1 and PPT1 in the upcoming HiSET newsletter for the field.


We look forward to providing additional practice tests in September 2016. 

Thank you!

Amy Riker
National Executive Director, ETS High School Equivalency Test (HiSET®)

Educational Testing Service

Update:  3/20/16

HiSET Road Map for Instructors

Update:  2/20/16

HiSET Approved Materials provided by Marianne Shomaker, Montana OPI High School Equivalency Specialist

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