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Montana Information

1. Montana ABLE and Partner Meetings/Trainings:

Montana ABLE Meetings

Montana ABE and Directors’ Meeting Resources

·        John Bowers Presentation

·        Program Components Needed for WIOA

·        TABE Training 2016 PowerPoint (pdf)

Montana ESOL Conference

Tuesday, May 3, 2016, OPI 1300 11th Avenue Conference Room

·        BEST Plus 2.0 and Best Literacy Discussion (No BEST+ Training)

§  2:30 – 3:30 PM Major Modifications for 2.0 (all trained instructors need to attend)

§  3:30 – 4:30 PM Best Literacy Administration

Wednesday, May 4, 2016, OPI 1300 11th Avenue Conference Room

§  8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Montana ABLE Teacher Institute Update

June 1 & 2, Radisson Colonial Hotel, Helena

The Institute is a train-the-trainer model; participating teachers will be expected to return to the local program and share how to incorporate the fundamental advances in adult education instruction. WIOA is bringing a culture change to the ABE classroom, and this Institute will provide a framework for change.

The Institute will not be the end of the teacher training, as we have already determined that an August Webinar will be provided as a refresher for the participants. We anticipate keeping the participating teachers connected throughout the school year to provide support and to keep the momentum going in your program. Working with our WIOA core partners is going to require a much more systemic approach in delivery of services, and I am certain this workshop will to set the stage for ABE success.

I am very excited to make this training available to all programs. James Buscher, Lacey Dobyns, and Michele Curlee are planning to share ideas and strategies that will inspire, challenge, and keep the participants actively engaged!

Margaret Bowles, Montana Adult Basic Education Director

Montana Partner Meetings

Montana Disability Employability Conference

Montana Disability Employability Conference

May 11 - 13 in Great Falls


2. Montana Moving Pathways Forward Resources

Click here to access all MPF Resources.  New contextualized template for Criminal Justice now posted! 

·       Criminal Justice

3. Montana and National News Information

Click here to access a site that will take you to the most current information without your having to search.  New resources (NRS Implementation Guidelines) posted on 2/20/16.

4. WIOA Update

WIOA Montana Updates:


Agencies urge aligning SNAP E&T with WIOA

To better serve SNAP participants known as ABAWDs (able-bodied adults without dependents), states should connect them to quality employment and training opportunities so they can maintain food assistance while building skills. According to new guidance from the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Labor, SNAP and workforce agencies should work together to help SNAP participants access WIOA programs. Read more on our Skills Blog.


Montana WIOA Discussion Group Update

Have you been reading items posted on the Montana WIOA Discussion List?  Monthly program reports have been posted.

Click here  to access the following:   Montana WIOA:  Chunking Pertinent Information for Montana.

WIOA National Update:

2/20/16:  NRS Implementation Guidelines

NRS Implementation Guidelines

HiSET Information

HiSET® March 2016 Newsletter

New Resources for Educators

Instructors, do you need help finding resources for your test takers on our website that will assist them in becoming more familiar with the HiSET® exam including test format, content and test preparation? A Roadmap for Instructors (PDF) is a new resource designed to help instructors guide test takers through available resources that will help them do their best on the HiSET exam.

The Official Guide to the HiSET® Exam, Second Edition

Updated material to support the newly revised Essay Section of the Writing test, as well as updated content in ELA – Reading and Mathematics, is now available in the second edition of The Official Guide to the HiSET® Exam. Available for purchase through Amazon®, this excellent resource for students includes a HiSET exam pretest to be used when assessing one's readiness to take the exam, and two simulated HiSET exam practice tests. These tests are designed to match the actual exam in format and level of difficulty. Each test includes answers and explanations of every test section, official scoring information and test-taking strategies to help students succeed.

The guide is now available for purchase through Amazon.

Test Center Reminders

You will be receiving schedules for the next four-month period to input your hours of operation. Please ensure the test center name and number field is complete before sending it to your Test Administration Services (TAS) rep.


The contact number for TAS was listed incorrectly in the February newsletter. The correct contact number is 1-800-257-5123.

HiSET Success Story — Minden, Nevada

Luis Hernandez Berrada was determined to earn his high school equivalency credential. Even after failing the math section of the HiSET exam twice, Berrada never gave up on his goal. He tried one more time and passed. Now, armed with his high school equivalency credential, he is looking for opportunities in nursing, mechanics or the restaurant industry. Read more about Berrada's story (PDF).Does your state or jurisdiction have a HiSET success story you want to share with us and others? If so, we want to hear it. Email Sheri Mayo with details and include "HiSET Success Story" in your subject line. For more information about the HiSET program, contact us.

Phone toll-free:



Montana HSE Update: March 2016

Update:  4/11/16

The HiSET team has always committed to providing relevant practice tests in order to assess a test taker’s readiness to take the HiSET exam.  Each year, our practice tests are re-evaluated for their relevance to the latest operational HiSET battery.  Our first two practice tests released in 2013, FPT1 and PPT1, no longer provide a strong correlation to the HiSET battery to measure a tester’s readiness.  As a result, FPT1 and PPT1 will no longer be available as of April 8, 2016. 

Instructors and test takers are encouraged to consider using our more recent practice tests released in 2015.  The HiSET Practice Test Reference Guide provides more details.  We will include a message about the removal if FPT1 and PPT1 in the upcoming HiSET newsletter for the field. 

We look forward to providing additional practice tests in September 2016. 

Thank you!

Amy Riker
National Executive Director, ETS High School Equivalency Test (HiSET®)

Educational Testing Service

Update:  3/20/16

HiSET Road Map for Instructors

Update:  2/20/16

HiSET Approved Materials provided by Marianne Shomaker, Montana OPI High School Equivalency Specialist

Update:  1/4/16

Important Update Regarding the 'Are you Ready to Take the HiSET Exam?' Chart

During a recent quality control of all online material, we discovered that the Math range tables posted on September 1, 2015 do not reflect the most current information.  As you may recall, the Math tables were updated back in April to accommodate the additional items added to the existing practice tests. Please note that the tables were in fact accurate at that time. On September 1st, the document was then updated to include the newly added practice tests. When that update occurred, the Math range tables inadvertently reverted to the data as it existed prior to April 2015. The error was immediately corrected and an updated chart has been posted online.

To summarize, the Math tables published between September 1, 2015 and December 18, 2015 were incorrect.  Please use be certain to use this updated chart moving forward.

Our sincere apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this oversight may have caused you or your test takers. Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. My contact information can be found in my signature below.

Adriana Wells

Senior Product Manager

Update:  10/19/15

·        HiSET 2016 Montana Presentation by Jonna McDonough, Director, ETS High School Equivalency Test (HiSET®)

Update:  10/5/15

·       2016 Writing Response Scoring Guide:  NEW

·       2016 Scored Sample Writing Responses:  NEW

·       2016 Sample Questions:  NEW

·       2016 Test at a Glance:  NEW

·       2016 HiSET Program Manual:  NEW

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