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Montana Information

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HiSET Information

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Montana Information

1. Montana Moving Pathways Forward Resources

Click here to access all MPF Resources.  Logic Model and Contextualized Templates now posted.

2. Montana ESL Information:  BEST Plus 2.0 Update

We would like to thank you for your support for BEST Plus and BEST Plus 2.0. CAL has been working on communication and transition plans for keeping you informed about the changes coming in 2016.

Our next BEST Plus communication to you will be in early January. It will include:

·         Pre- and posttesting guidance for NRS

·         Instructional hours guidance

·         BEST Plus 2.0 ordering information

·         Webinar dates and sign-up information

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Again, thank you for your continued support. We wish you a happy holiday season and a happy New Year!

Daniel Lieberson
Director, Product and Service Operations
Center for Applied Linguistics

3. Montana and National News Information

Click here  to access a site that will take you to the most current information without your having to search.  More resources posted on 12/14/15.

4. WIOA Update

12/14/15:  WIOA Graphic

How Performance Data Works

9/7/15:  WIOA Kickoff Follow-up

Presentations posted on DLI website: under Data and Publications.

WIOA Montana Updates:

Click here  to access the following:   Montana WIOA:  Chunking Pertinent Information for Montana.

National Information

*5. Adult Basic Education Online Certificate

Taken from LINCS Notice

The Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy at Penn State has launched a new online certificate for professionals working with adults or out-of-school youth who struggle with reading, writing, numeracy,and/or English language proficiency. Penn State is one of the first universities to offer an online certificate in adult basic education (ABE).

The 12-credit post-baccalaureate certificate will help professionals gain high-quality, research-based knowledge about ABE, especially literacy and numeracy instruction. This research-to-practice certificate can enhance the work of educators, social workers, counselors, professional development specialists, administrators, literacy volunteers, and others who work in community-based organizations, libraries, community colleges, K-12 and alternative schools, and government agencies, among others.

Key features:

Offered online through the nationally recognized World Campus.

Three required courses and one elective.

The elective allows students to tailor the program to their interests, including ESL, program planning and administration, distance education, adult learning, or educational technology.

Act 48-approved provider for Pennsylvania educators; may count toward professional development hours. 

In spring 2016, students can take one or more of the following 3-credit courses:

ADTED 460:  Introduction to Adult Education (required)

ADTED 470:  Introduction to Distance Education (elective)

ADTED 575:  Administration of Adult Education (elective)

APLNG 802:  Focus on English: Teaching Form, Meaning, and Use (elective)

APLNG 808:  Focus on Instruction: Teaching and Assessing Language Learning (elective)

LDT 415B:     Systematic Instructional Development for Teachers (elective)

The two other required courses, ADTED 480 (Teaching Math and Numeracy to Adults) and ADTED 560 (Teaching Reading to College Students and Adults), will first be offered in fall 2016 and spring 2017,respectively.

To learn more about applying for the Certificate, contact World Campus admissions at 800-252-3592.For information about the Certificate, contact Beth Grinder at or 717-432-3498 or link to

 *6. Career Pathways:  Apprenticeship Information

Taken from LINCS Career Pathways

The Apprenticeship USA Toolkit website offers resources to learn, build and implement robust apprenticeship programs in your community.  What exactly is a registered apprenticeship? According to the Department of Labor, registered apprenticeships are "a proven approach for preparing workers for jobs while meeting the needs of business for a highly-skilled workforce. It is an employer-driven, 'learn while you earn' model that combines on-the-job training, provided by the employer that hires the apprentice, with job-related instruction in curricula tied to the attainment of national skills standards".

LEARN: Resources to introduce you to apprenticeship and its benefits for employers, workers, and the workforce system.

·        Introduction to Registered Apprenticeship On-line Training

·        Apprenticeship Frequently Asked Questions

·        WIOA: Advancing Apprenticeship as a Workforce Strategy

BUILD: Tools to help you build strong partnerships and plan apprenticeship strategies

·        Apprenticeship Assessment and Planning Tool 

·        Find Apprenticeship Partners in your Area 

IMPLEMENT: Resources to help you fully integrate apprenticeship into your workforce system.

·        Service Delivery Resources 

·        Guide for Business Services Representatives 

·        Register an Apprenticeship Program 

*7. Career Pathways:  National Network of Business and Industry Associations' Work-and-Learn Programs

Taken from LINCS Career Pathways

The following is excerpted from the National Network's report, Work-and-Learn in Action: Successful Strategies for Employers.  See the full report for ten examples, from across the U.S., of proven work-and-learn programs supporting career pathways for youth and adult learners.

According to a Business Roundtable survey of its members, more than 95 percent of CEOs report a skills shortage within their companies. One proven method for companies to address the skills gap and develop a talent pipeline is to create work-and learn programs that connect theory-based classroom instruction with career development.

Work-and-learn models integrate structured education and training with the world of work, which includes career exploration, job exposure, internships and full-time employment. Work-and-learn programs can be applied at multiple career levels and job functions and may be tailored for participants ranging from middle school students to midcareer employees. Work-and-learn programs allow employers to help students and workers gain and demonstrate necessary “hands-on” skills, competencies and other common employability skills.

A quality work-and-learn model includes: 

Competency-based learning progressions; 

Attainment of industry-recognized credentials;

Assessments (e.g., third-party, observational, standardized) of the learning;Learners acquisition of academic credit;

An emphasis on mentorship;

Integration of common employability skills (e.g., critical thinking, communication, teamwork) into the learning progression;

Work elements that reflect the regional/local economy;

Support by a third party (ie. industry associations, chambers of commerce and community colleges, business partners, government and educational  institutions.

Mike Cruse

*8. ESL:  English for Nursing Assistants

Taken from LINCS Adult English Language Learners

There is a huge need for Certified Nursing Assistants in many communities, including mine, and many adult English learners are interested in working in health care. While a CNA job is an entry-level, low-wage job, working as a CNA can be a gateway job to a better job in health care. Some nursing homes will even pay for a CNA's nurse training.

Does your program offer classes to support students to enter CNA training? If so, how is this working?

Some members may be aware of this self-paced online course designed to teach English for Nursing Assistants.

Susan Finnmiller

I've been told about a free app that to support allied health students in learning idioms.  It is freely available through the iTunes store, and was created by two nursing instructors from Georgia Perimeter College, Department of Nursing.  You can learn more about this free app for nursing students to learn idioms here.

Mike Cruse

*9. ESL:  USA Learns Webinar Posted

Taken from World Education

Click here to watch/listen to archived USA Learns webinar.

10. Reading/Writing:  LINCS Reading/Writing Newsletter

Taken from LINCS Reading and Writing

Click here to access the newsletter.  Here are a few snippets.

11. Technology:  2016 National Education Technology Plan

Taken from LINCS Technology and Learning

You will find the U.S. Department of Education's 2016 National Education Technology Plan at .

12.  WIOA:  How WIOA Perfomance Data Works - Great Graphic!

Taken from LINCS Career Pathways

Are you trying to get a better picture of how and why WIOA data are important?  This infographic contains an overview of WIOA’s four titles, explains the data collected, and shows how that data travels. It also lays out how the data is used by multiple stakeholders. 

Click here to access the infographic.

Mike Cruse

HiSET Information

HiSET® November 2015 Newsletter


Ordering Test Materials for 2016

The 2016 paper-delivered HiSET® tests are on their way to test centers nationwide. The quantities sent to your site are calculated by the HiSET Test Administration Services (TAS) and are based on past and projected usage. Our new method of test distribution alleviates the burden of calculating battery bundle quantities for chief examiners. To ensure that there is no confusion about process, the "Ordering Materials" tab on your portal has been removed. If you have any questions, please contact your TAS representative.

Returning Test Materials for 2015

All 2015 HiSET test books must be returned to the ETS warehouse at the conclusion of the 2015 testing year by chief examiners. Because of policy and procedures, you may not keep the test books for any reason whatsoever after the 2015 testing year concludes.

Please return all test books to:
Inbound Processing Center
200 Ludlow Drive
Ewing, NJ 08638

The test books should be returned, sorted and counted by subtest and form, (e.g., count by Math Form A, Math Form B). Please label each box in your shipment with the center's name or HSTP number, and keep a record of the tracking numbers.

Unused answer sheets can be used in 2016 and do not need to be included in your returns. See our 2015 Test Materials Return (PDF) and 2015 Test Materials Return Notice (PDF) for detailed instructions.

Quick Reference Guide

The HiSET Quick Reference Guide (PDF) is a detailed list of all HiSET practice tests that are currently available. Please use this resource when choosing which practice tests to purchase or download.

HiSET Reminders


Please make sure to include your test center number when you submit the schedules for your test center.

HiSET Success Stories

Does your state or jurisdiction have a HiSET success story you want to share with us and others? If so, we want to hear it. Email Sheri Mayo with details and include "HiSET Success Story" in your subject line.

For more information about the HiSET program, contact us.
Phone toll-free:


Montana HSE Update: October 2015­­­

Update:  10/19/15

·        HiSET 2016 Montana Presentation by Jonna McDonough, Director, ETS High School Equivalency Test (HiSET®)

Update:  10/5/15

·       2016 Writing Response Scoring Guide:  NEW

·       2016 Scored Sample Writing Responses:  NEW

·       2016 Sample Questions:  NEW

·       2016 Test at a Glance:  NEW

·       2016 HiSET Program Manual:  NEW

Update:  8/31/15

HiSET 2015 Information Brief - Math

As many Math teachers requested, we have enhanced the Math information with a great deal of detail.  Teachers may expect a similar level of detail in our 2016 Informational Brief for all subtests.  This particular update was developed in response to feedback received from Math teachers across all HiSET states and territories.

Click here for the brief.

Estimate how well prepared you are for the HiSET exam:

Are You Ready to Take the HiSET Exam?

HiSET Preparation Materials 2015

Montana HiSET Resources

Check out the shared resources on the HiSET Resource page at

HiSET Success:  Montana

Do you have a HiSET success story you want to share with us and others? If so, we want to hear it. Email Margaret Bowles with details. Include "HiSET Success Story" in your subject line

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Norene Peterson, Adult Education Center