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Montana Information

1.    Montana Educational Quality (EQ) 2013 Update

Montana 2013 Educational Quality Conference

September 11-12, 2013

Red Lion Colonial Hotel

2301 Colonial Drive



EQ 2013 is a student-focused conference that will give every participant new resources so that Montana ABLE program staff are prepared to enhance every aspect of our student services.  This is going to be an energizing, rewarding professional development experience. PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET READY FOR AN EVENT!!


Click here for a printable draft of the agenda!


What’s going to be special?  


·       The Governor is opening our conference! Governor Bullock will deliver the opening address. Please plan on being registered and seated by 7:45 on September 11th.  We do not want to keep Governor Bullock waiting.

·       Superintendent Denise Juneau and Deputy Commissioner for Two-Year and Community College Education John Cech are providing keynote addresses.

·       The HiSET Advantage team is presenting the most current information about HiSET and also hosting a social hour. All of your HiSET questions will be answered in both formal and informal settings.

·       National trainers will provide cutting edge strategies for math and technology integration.

·       The new Montana College and Career Standards for reading and math will be unveiled by the state Standards-in-Action team.  Our standards are now aligned to the new U.S. Department adult education standards.

·       Breakouts will be available for data entry staff, ESOL teachers, all content teachers, teachers in correctional settings, and directors.


What do participants need to do prepare for the conference?


·       Bring a laptop, tablet, or iPad and find a partner for the technology presentation.   

·       Confirm that your device will be operable prior to attending the conference.  A list of specs and sites will be posted soon.  

·       Reading, language, science, and social studies teachers, bring a favorite reading resource or sample.


What will participants take away?


All participants will leave the conference with new information and strategies that can be used in the office or classroom or in counseling students the next day.


How will the BIG conversations keep going?


·       Math - More work with Lynda Ginsberg!

·       English/language arts - October MEA Adult Education Strand featuring Susan Pimentel.

·       Technology - Asynchronous online work to assist participants in moving from the broad overview presented at the conference to specific technology needs at each program.


Margaret Bowles, Montana Adult Basic Education Director/High School Equivalency Administrator


2.    College!NOW Survey:  Let your voice be heard!

Have you had a chance to complete the College!NOW Survey?  If not, please take time to complete it by the end of this week!  


As a Montana ABLE staff member, you should have received an important survey on August 6 that will provide the Office of Public Instruction and the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education with information that will help shape state policy and give guidance to support the transition of adult basic education students to postsecondary education and training.


If you did not receive the link for the survey, please email Margaret Bowles, State Adult Basic Education Director/High School Equivalency Administrator, at .


National Information

3.  Corrections:  Rand Meta-Analysis of Correctional Education 

Click here to access information about the importance of correctional education.

Here is a snippet.

Education and Justice Departments Announce New Research Showing Prison Education Reduces Recidivism, Saves Money, Improves Employment

August 22, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today announced research findings showing that, on average, inmates who participated in correctional education programs had 43 percent lower odds of returning to prison than inmates who did not. Each year approximately 700,000 individuals leave federal and state prisons; about half of them will be reincarcerated within three years. The research, funded by the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance, was released today by the RAND Corporation.

4.  Goal Setting

Taken from LINCS Community: Program Management

Snippet taken from Goal Setting discussion at

When I was teaching, I deliberately set aside time to consult with each student about the goals we had set collaboratively each week. That process started at intake and continued throughout the time the student attended classes. Students were motivated when they could see progress as well as tended to be more regular in attendance. It was a challenge to make time for this weekly update on goals, but it really did make a difference in student persistence.

Kaye Beall

5.  Technology Discussion Snippets:  How Technology Can Transform Adult Education

Taken from LINCS Community:  Technology and Learning

Click here to read the technology discussion. 

Here are another snippet.  Check out the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment at on Jobseekers tab and Try the assessment online for your own information.  This is a super resource for students!

Infrastructure Supported Use

One important resource that I didn't see specifically mentioned in the report is need to provided supported access to computers and the Internet. I've worked on a number of projects that shared this strategy: Learner Web BTOP, Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment (in labs across MN), St. Paul ABE Digital Education Lab. In each case teachers or tutors (often volunteers) worked scaffold learners' computer skills so that they could make use of the materials required to help them develop tech or academic skills.  I think such support has proven to be essential (in research and practice).


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