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1.  Montana ABLE Data Quality 2012


September 18 and 19

Holiday Inn Downtown

Helena, MT


Click here for a sneak preview of Data Quality 2012!

National Information


2.  LINCS:  LINCS Community


Taken from LINCS Discussion Lists


By now, you have heard that LINCS Discussions Lists are transitioning to a new online platform called the LINCS Community the week of September 10 (see original email below). The community will centralize all of the LINCS discussion list topics in one online location, better connecting us to LINCS resources and events, other adult education initiatives, and each other.


Built using updated technology that provides enhanced features and functionality, the LINCS Community will allow you to:


                  Participate in threaded discussions in topic-specific groups;

                  Cross post to a number of groups at one time;

                  Easily search all current and archived content across the community;

                  Tag your posts so other members can easily find them; and

                  Join and leave groups in just one step.


Various features will allow you to customize your LINCS Community experience, including:


                  Professional user profiles;

                  Options for email notification settings; and

                  Personalized bookmarks.


Original message

Posted on August 8, 2012


IMPORTANT: Big Changes Coming to LINCS Discussion Lists!


Dear subscribers,


This September, the current LINCS discussion lists will transition to a new online technology platform called the LINCS Community. For a period of time, both the discussion lists and the LINCS Community will be available to us for communicating with each other. Eventually the discussion lists will be discontinued and all of our future conversations will take place within the LINCS Community.


The LINCS Community will be made up of groups based on the current discussion lists and other topics in the LINCS Resource Collection.


This community of practice will work in tandem with other LINCS resources, such as the reorganized Resource Collection and on-demand, web-based professional development opportunities, to advance our profession by expanding evidence-based practice in adult education.


The LINCS Community will:


        Connect us to a wide-reaching network of peers and leaders in the field;

        Incorporate high-quality, vetted resources from the LINCS Resource Collection;

        Be supported by subject matter experts;

        Connect us to professional development opportunities such as free online courses and trainings; and

        Provide us with one-stop access to additional adult education and workforce initiatives.



3.  Workforce:  Online Career Tools Update


 Taken from LINCS Workforce Discussion List


Click here to access CareerOneStop:  Pathways to Career Success.  This includes the following tools: CareerOneStop, Certification Finder, the Worker Reemployment Portal, the Veteran Reemployment Portal, mySkills myFuture, My Next Move, My Next Move for Veterans, and the Healthcare Virtual Career Network.


The content is organized by customer (job seekers, students, businesses and workforce professionals). The content is further organized around a set of information centers and services (e.g., Explore Careers, Education & Training, Salary & Benefits, Job Search, etc.). CareerOneStop also includes the Service Locator, a gateway to access state and local resources including locations of American Job Centers.



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