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Summer Update:

Just a reminder about everything that has happened in the last two months!



1.  Montana ABLE Career Pathways:  Draft of Bridge Curriculum Posted


Click here  to access DRAFT VERSIONS of the Bridge Curriculum that has been developed by Suzette Fox and Michelle Gasek for ABLE instructors to use to assist students in their transitions from ABLE to careers and postsecondary.


2.  Montana ABLE Program/Student Highlights


Click here  to access information about the Billings and Bozeman program graduation ceremonies.  Please email MTLINCS if you have other information you would like posted about your programs. 


·       Billings Graduation 2012

·       Bozeman Graduation 2012


3.  Montana ABLE ShopTalk Summary


Click here  to read the ShopTalk Summary from May 22. 


4.  Montana College Now Conference:  Summary of Montana ABLE Next Steps


Click here to access a summary of Montana ABLE Next Steps based on Best Practices Conference.


5.  NRS Changes and MABLE


Click below to access Montana ABLE resources from June Adobe Connect meeting.

·        NRS Changes July 2012 ppt

·        NRS Changes July 2012 pdf

·        Optional Student Status Measures

·        Student Profile Form

·        Recorded Session

·        Chat Transcript

National Information


6.  Adult Literacy Instruction:  Improving Adult Literacy Instruction – Options for Practice and Research


Click here  to access more information and the archived webinar about the new report, Improving Adult Literacy Instruction:  Options for Practice and Research.


Improving Adult Literacy recommends a program of research and innovation to gain a better understanding of adult literacy learners, improve instruction, and create the supports adults need for learning and achievement. Focusing on individuals ages 16 and older who are not in K-12 education, the report identifies factors that affect literacy development in adolescence and adulthood and examines their implications for strengthening literacy instruction for this population. It also discusses technologies that show promise for supporting adult literacy learners.


7.  Career and Technical Education Reform


Click on OVAE Connection to access more information about Career and Technical Education Reform.


CTE Innovation: Career Academies

President Obama’s 2013 budget request, as well as the Blueprint for An America Built to Last and Investing in America’s Future: A Blueprint for Transforming Career and Technical Education, propose the establishment of more high-quality career academies across the country. The request for the academies is $1 billion over three years with $200 million designated for FY 2013 ...


Click here to access Investing in America's Future:  A Blueprint for Transforming Career and Technical Education.


8.  Technology:  Online Magazine – Digital Directions


Click here  to access Digital Directions published by Education Week.  You can register to receive free issues.  Although it is written for K-12 teachers, there are articles that may be of interest to adult educators, so I thought I'd share this announcement with you. 


9.  Transitions:  The Power of Certificates as Credentials


Click here on OVAE CONNECTION to read more about certificates as credentials.


… Although postsecondary certificates vary widely in the benefits they provide, the report finds that since they tend to encourage further education and college completion, they have become a cost-effective means of enhancing postsecondary educational attainment as well as gainful employment ...


Take a look at the report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, Certificates: Gateway to Gainful Employment and College Degrees.


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