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Happy Summer!

May you all enjoy our wonderful Big Sky!


MTLINCS will be providing you with intermittent updates throughout the summer.  In the meantime, if you have time to devote to some professional development, check out the links below for the following:


1.    HiSET Resources

2.    LINCS Learner Web Teaching Adults to Read

3.    MTLINCS Research

a.    Adult College Completion Toolkit

b.    Improving Adult Literacy Instruction Options for Practice and Research


1.    Montana High School Equivalency Test:  HiSET


Click here to access information about HiSET Montana.


2.  Teaching Reading to Adults


Click here  to access an online course which provides instruction about reading.

A free series of five online, self-paced courses, based on a 3-day workshop on the four components of reading, developed by experts in the field of adult basic education and literacy: Dr. John R. Kruidenier, Susan McShane, and Dr. Rosalind Davidson.  (Both Dr. Davidson and Dr. Kruidenier have presented reading workshops in Montana within the last eight years.  You can check out some of those resources at )

        Teaching Adults to Read: Alphabetics

        Teaching Adults to Read: Fluency

        Teaching Adults to Read: Vocabulary

        Teaching Adults to Read: Comprehension

        Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles

Each course provides participants with background information, informative readings and resources, hands-on activities, and multimedia examples of recommended assessment and instructional strategies. Participants will explore the components of reading and research-based strategies for assessing and teaching both native and nonnative English-speaking adults how to read. Each self-paced course can be completed in 2-4 hours, and participants will receive a certificate upon completion of each course. To register, please visit: 

3.  MTLINCS Research 2012 2013


Compilation of Research

Click here  to access a compilation of all of the MTLINCS research for 2012 2013.   


Click below to access specific areas.                              

       Adult College Completion Toolkit, U.S. Department of Education OVAE  

       Improving Adult Literacy Instruction Options for Practice and Research, National Academy of Sciences, 2012

National Information

4.  Common Core Resources:  Videos for Math and Language

Taken from LINCS Community:  Math and Numeracy

Need to understand Common Core concepts better such as Reason Abstractly and Qualitatively and Range, Quality, and Complexity of Text?  Click below to access videos from McGraw Hill about Math and English Language Arts.


        English Language Arts

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