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1.  Montana ABLE Learning to Achieve:  The Conversation Continues – Snippet #5 Content Learning


Your Montana L2A trainers have continued to prepare snippets from  Learning to Achieve modules.  You will be able to find the snippets on the L2A Resource page at


·       Snippet 5 introduces Content Learning.


Snippet #5


Click here to access Snippet #5 on Content Learning(You may also access a pdf at to print and place in your L2A participant binder.)


2.  Program and Student Highlights


Click here to access interesting articles about Montana local programs.


Please share any that you have with MTLINCS by clicking here.


3.  MPAEA Conference 2012 in Helena


Click here  to access conference information.

National Information


4.  Assessment and Transitions:  COMPASS and Accuplacer Practice


 Taken from LINCS Assessment and Transitions Discussion Lists


Looking for some COMPASS practice websites?  Here are some that have been recommended via postings from LINCS discussion lists.



o   Reading and Writing:

o   English and Math:

o   Math:

o   Grammar Review:



o   Math:

o   Math:

o   Reading, Language, Math:


5.  Learning Disabilities Article:  I Am A Twice-Exceptional Student


 Taken from LINCS Learning Disabilities Discussion List


Click here to access an interesting article from Education Week.


6.  Transitions:   Pell Grants and GED Students


 Taken from LINCS Transitions Discussion List


Fact sheet from CLASP regarding Pell Grant Information


CLASP has developed a brief fact sheet on the elimination of the Ability to Benefit options in federal student aid that  clarifies the known details of this provision, provides recommendations for further implementation, and discusses why the AtB policy is essential for maintaining access to education and training for low-income, low-skilled students. See the CLASP fact sheet, “FAQs on How the Loss of Ability to Benefit Options in Federal Student Aid Affects Those without a High School Diploma”


After July 1, 2012, newly enrolled college students without a U.S. high school diploma or secondary school equivalent will no longer eligible for federal student aid, due to the elimination of the “Ability to Benefit” (AtB) options by Congress in December 2011. The Department of Education has issued guidance describing the changes with the new law that clarifies how this provision will be implemented.


·        Students without U.S. high school diplomas or equivalents who were enrolled in a college program that is eligible for federal student aid at any time prior to July 1 will still qualify for student financial aid in the future through the ability to benefit options; they are “grandfathered” in. Students do not have to have been receiving federal student aid prior to July 1 to be able to use AtB options to qualify in the future, so long as they were enrolled in an aid-eligible college program at some point before that date. 

·        The AtB elimination only applies to students without U.S. high school diplomas or equivalents who are newly enrolled in a college program eligible for federal financial aid after July 1, 2012.


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