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1.  Montana ABLE Learning to Achieve:  The Conversation Continues – Snippet #4 Written Expression Disabilities


Have you looked at the great snippets of information that are being posted from the last four modules of Learning to Achieve?


Since the L2A training only provided information from the first four modules of Learning to Achieve, your Montana L2A trainers have begun preparing snippets from the four remaining Learning to Achieve modules.  You will be able to find the snippets on the L2A Resource page at


·       Snippets #1 and #2 covered Reading Disabilities

·       Snippets #3 and #4 cover Written Expression Disabilities.


Snippet #4


Click here   to access Snippet #4 on Written Expressions Disabilities(You may also access a pdf at to print and place in your L2A participant binder.)


Just in case MTLINCS had a written disability on the 3/5 email, here is Snippet #3 once again!


Snippet #3


Click here to access Snippet #3 on Written Expressions Disabilities(You may also access a pdf at  to print and place in your L2A participant binder.)



2.  MPAEA Conference 2012 in Helena


Click here  to access conference information.

National Information


3.  GED


 Taken from LINCS Read/Write Discussion List


Are you aware that …


… I would add another element to this discussion by raising the real possibility that many states with not be continuing with the GEDTS-Pearson Vue test when it is introduced in January, 2014.


The National Council of State Directors of Adult Education has convened a GED Alternative Workgroup that has been meeting for the past five months. Comprised of state directors, state level adult education staff and GED state administrators this group is rapidly exploring alternatives to the proposed new GED test.


Two of the most promising possibilities are the assessments that will be coming out of the PRACC and Smarter Balance consortiums that will be in place in most states sometime in late 2014 or early 2015. Other possibilities are also emerging as well.


Since all of those initiatives are connected to the Common Core, any of the new tests will raise significant issues for adult education students.   


Art Ellison, Policy Chair, National Council of State Directors of Adult Education


4.  Learning Disabilities:  Assistive Technology


 Taken from LINCS Learning Disabilities Discussion List


ReadSpeaker webReader is a free assistive technology allows blogs and websites to vocalize content online through speech synthesis technology.

You can access ReadSpeaker webReader at    


The website includes an intuitive installation that is step-by-step.  Visitors to vocalized websites and blogs can have free access to the audio version and have no need to download software or plug-in.  That means you would have access to content speaking of these websites and blogs from any computer or portable media connected to the Internet.


5.  Technology:  Mind Mapping Websites


 Taken from LINCS Technology Discussion List


I’ve been exploring which seemed quite easy to use

And someone just told me about PearlTrees which allows you to map interests using links to online content.  Here’s an example


Here are some interesting videos on using mindmapping (including the use of Wordle as a way of mindmapping)


Visual Learning and Mind Mapping Part 1 - Transliteracy Conference 2010

Visual Learning and Mind Mapping Part 2 - Transliteracy Conference 2010


Free Mind


Nell Eckersley


6.  Transitions:   Pell Grants and GED Students


 Taken from LINCS Transitions Discussion List


Are you aware that …




You may be aware that in July, 2012, post-secondary education students who do not hold a high school diploma or GED will no longer be eligible for Pell grants. (For more information see, for example, ) ...


David Rosen


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