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Montana ABLE Information


1.  Love it!  Montana Learning to Achieve:  The Conversation Continues


Montana L2A trainers have begun preparing snippets from the four remaining Learning to Achieve modules.  You will be able to find the snippets on the L2A Resource page at .


Many ideas will be headed your way every other week.  The first snippet taken from the Module #5 on Reading Disabilities was posted last week.


Snippet #1


Click here  to access Snippet #1 on Reading Disabilities.  (You may also access a pdf at to print and place in your L2A participant binder.)



2.  Love it!  MPAEA Conference 2012 in Helena:  One Day Registration


One Day Registration Now Available!


One Day Registrations are now available to all MPAEA members on the conference website for $100!

Please check out the following link:, and look for one day registration options for those of you who cannot come to all three days!


FLEXIBILITY at work!!!


3.  Love it!  Montana ESOL Wiki


Click here to access the Montana ESOL Wiki.  Look at the left-hand column and click on Feb. Reading&Vocabulary to check out the new resources!

National Information


4.  CLASP Report on Adult Ed Federal Funding and Enrollment Trends


Taken from LINCS Assessment Discussion

CLASP just posted a new fact sheet on adult ed federal funding and enrollment trends from 1998-2012. Among our findings:


·        Funding for adult education and English language services has declined by 17 percent from 2002 to 2012 in inflation-adjusted terms.

·        State funding, a traditionally robust source of funding for adult education, is becoming less reliable as a result of crumbling state revenues.  

·        Enrollment has declined 28 percent since 2001 along a similar trajectory as federal funding.


To view more, see:


5.  Learning Disabilities


Taken from LINCS Learning Disabilities Discussion

Click here   to access the following article:  Feds Say More Students May Qualify for Disability Services OCR urges schools to reconsider who gets special services.

6.  OVAE Resources


Taken from OVAE Connection

·        Promoting College and Career Readiness: Bridge Programs for Low-Skill Adults: describes recent approaches to bridge programs and explores promising practices that contextualize and integrate instruction, and strengthen student support and transition services to improve postsecondary transition and completion.

·        Aligning Secondary and Postsecondary Education: Experiences from Career and Technical Education: follows the evolution of efforts to align secondary and postsecondary CTE, and outlines several promising CTE practices that may be effective in achieving better alignment for all students.

·        Connecting Curriculum, Assessment, and Treatment in Developmental Education: describes recent changes in developmental education and explores promising practices that align curriculum, assessment, and treatment to more effectively tailor developmental education services and improve students’ chances for success.

·        Integrating Industry-Driven Competencies in Education and Training Through Employer Engagement: describes partnership efforts between community colleges and employers, exploring models promoting curricular change and innovation.

7.  Professional Development Webinars


Taken from LINCS Professional Development Discussion List

Back by popular demand – with new topics!

Expand your working knowledge through this series of Professional Development webinars for adult education specialists. Follow along as our subject matter experts guide you through industry best practices and provide essential information that can help you improve student results, refine instruction and testing methods, and cultivate program efficiencies.

Each webinar is one hour in length, and all attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion:

·        Reading Comprehension Strategies for the ABE Classroom

·        Evidence-Based Writing: What is it and How Do We Teach it?

·        Deconstructing the Impact of Common Core Standards on Adult Education

·        The 2014 GED Test™: A First Look

·        Preparing for NRS July 1, 2012 Reporting Changes

·        It’s Time to Get Social: Why Programs Use Social Media

·        How to Use Social Media

·        The Power of Testing: Why, What and Who to Assess

·        Raise Your GED Passing Rate: The Most Often Missed Questions on the GED Tests© of Mathematics

·        Raise Your GED Passing Rate: The Most Often Missed Questions on the GED Tests© of Language Arts, Writing


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